EDITORIAL: “Live Free Or Die” – How Anglophones Can Start Cutting Ties With La Republique

Chantal Biya, since they want to annihilate Anglophones to own the territory, their family should be a target.
Chantal Biya, since they want to annihilate Anglophones to own the territory, their family should be a target.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Washington D.C – It appears that after two months of uninterrupted strike action by Anglophones, President Biya’s regime is yet to fully get the message that Anglophones truly want to go their way. Instead of stepping out and seeking honest discourse, he chose to send out his lackeys to bribe his way to a settlement – a settlement that won’t grant the demands of Anglo-Saxon teachers and lawyers.

Unfortunately for him, his intransigence has taken the struggle to an unintended level, a level never before reached in the history of Anglophones struggle in Cameroon. The struggle isn’t a thing for the lawyers and teachers anymore, it has become a Southern Cameroons liberation movement and the masses from their resilience, so far, appear poised to get that independence.

At the Cameroon Journal, however, we see the need for Southern Cameroonians to send even a stronger message to President Biya and his foot soldiers crisscrossing the two regions albeit with ill intentions, – that we are determined to “LIVE FREE OR DIE,” – that we are indeed taking our destiny into our hands.

How can that be done? Oil pipelines from SONARA to Douala should be sabotaged and no tanker moving oil to Douala should be allowed free exit from the Mungo River. It’s easy to do it. Blow off the tyres, kidnap the tanker drivers and get divers into the deep sea between Limbe and Tiko to cut off the supply pipelines. Nigerians in the Niger Delta did it. Nigerians in Ogoni land where Ken Saro Wiwa paid the ultimate price, did it too.

Timber transportation from the Southwest region to La Republique should be sabotaged too. And this is easy also, just puncture the tyres of trailers carrying timber where ever they are found in the Southwest. Warn the drivers never to show up and kidnap those who flout the orders.

Families of essential French or La Republique administrators like DOs, SDOs, Gendarmes and Police, Regional Delegates, Governors, etc., in the two regions, should be targeted for kidnapping. And again, it is easy to do it. They are being sent to the markets on a regular basis. Kidnap the children, their wives, and relations until they begin to pack out of the territory.

In the diaspora, Brenda Biya lives in California, USA. Protest rallies should be directed to her California home whose address the Cameroon Journal can easily make available. Should she move to Europe as the habit is, we will release her address there too.

All Anglophone parliamentarians must be forced to quit Parliament, be they CPDM or opposition. Should they resist, their families should be targeted for kidnapping and themselves too.

This fight isn’t going to be won on conference tables and or social media alone. President Biya has referred to Anglophones as terrorists, yet he has on several occasions paid ransoms to Boko Haram terrorists but won’t even consider addressing Anglophones. There is such a saying as “if Mohammed doesn’t go to the Mountain, the Mountain will go to Mohammed.” This is time Anglophones go to the regime with vehement force, and not necessarily with ammunition.

It took action not conferences, for the French Revolution to make today’s modern state of France. It took action after so many years of a nonviolence campaign by the ANC to conquer apartheid. In the USA, though Martin Luther King Jr. opposed violence, it wasn’t too long till they discovered that if truly the slaves needed to be freed, some form of action must be applied. Many of such examples abound in free states all over the world.

In Cameroon, Anglophones cannot argue that they are fighting for independence irked by marginalization and yet sit still and see SONARA keeps on pumping oil to La Republique and Timber from our backyard ferried to Douala every day. These actions will send a passionate signal to President Biya that we have begun taking back our destiny into our hands. And – very importantly, it’s only then that the rest of the world will begin to take our resolve really seriously. Pause for a moment and imagine that for all its existence, SONARA has never paid a franc in taxes to Limbe City Council! They siphon the oil to Douala, and on top of it, still deprives Limbe of necessary taxes due it by SONARA.

Stop the oil from flowing to Douala, stop the timber, kidnap their families and administrators, stop any Anglophone MP or Senator from going to Yaoundé and let protest rallies in the diaspora target Biya’s children.

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