EXCLUSIVE: How Eyumojock Youths Are Taking Self Defence to Another Level

Eyumojock youths take Timber trucks and drivers hostage, demand reparations to the Council.
Eyumojock youths take Timber trucks and drivers hostage, demand reparations to the Council.

By Pang Joseph, March 29, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Mamfe – We now have details of what transpired in Eyumojock subdivision in the South West region, Friday, March 24 during the CPDM’s 32nd Anniversary celebrations in that municipality. Government shut down of internet in the entire region made it initially difficult to get the details when the event first broke.

That faithful Friday, hundreds of militants of the ruling CPDM party had gathered at the Eyumojock grandstand to celebrate the party’s 32ndanniversary. Unknown to most of the militants gathered, was the infiltration of their ranks by the youths of the community who, pretending to be sympathizers of the party changed their mode once the festivities began.

Inside the grandstand was Nkom Julius, Mayor of Eyumojock, a CPDM kingpin. He had rushed ahead to the venue, leaving behind the SDO and MP for the division who were still holding a meeting at the DO’s office. It was in the presence of the Mayor that a band of about 200 youths suddenly formed a circle, encircling even the security officers who had been dispatched there to ensure security at the event. The leader of the youths, The Cameroon Journal learned, mounted the rostrum right in front of the Mayor, confiscated the microphone and declared the celebrations over.

“Anglophones are suffering, Anglophones are in prisons, Anglophones are detained,” he said, “and you people are here celebrating the anniversary of the CPDM? Of what use is the celebration of the anniversary to Southern Cameroonians?” the leader, (whose names we are withholding), questioned aloud before giving all the militants present an ultimatum to leave the venue. “I give you 5 seconds to leave this grandstand.” He commanded.

While the CPDM officials were still in shock about what has just unfolded, the youths proceeded to vandalizing everything CPDM they found on the grandstand. Immediately, the people and gov’t officials who had gathered there took to their heels and ran for their lives, running helter-skelter to every direction their eyes could find. Security forces present were no match to the boys as they too took to their heels too.

While the drama was going on at the ceremonial ground, the SDO for Manyu, Peter Tieh Ndeh, the MP for Upper Banyang constituency, Okpu Susan and other officials were still at the DO’s office holding a meeting. When they arrived the ceremonial ground, all had scattered, and fearing for their lives, the SDO called for immediate reinforcement from Mamfe town.

Youths of the community who spoke to The Cameroon Journal were over excited about the incident. They stated that even though they have been members of the CPDM and had fought and campaigned for the party in the past, they are now more concerned with the marginalization and frustrations of Anglophones than party issues. They said they “see the CPDM as part of the problem.”

History will record that the CPDM got one of its greatest humiliations in the small but now famous locality of Eyumojock. Prior to the day of the event, activists had widely circulated messages warning people to stay-off the anniversary celebration grounds. But apparently, regime barons didn’t expect such a show of bravery from the youths of the small municipality. They had erroneously thought that such a feat was capable of being pulled only in the urban areas like Bamenda or Kumba – they were wrong.

Eyumojock is becoming (in) famous in the Anglophone struggle. It will be recalled that on Monday, March 27, youths in the same Eyumojock took hostage, Trucks transporting Timber and accused the drivers of deifying Ghost Town orders.

The youths blocked and detained the timber trucks, charging them on three (03) counts:

  1. Working on ghost town day.
  2. Harvesting timber from their forests unlawfully; and
  3. Non-payment of royalties to Eyumojock Rural Council.

They claimed that the truck drivers were in flagrant violation of the laws of the Southern Cameroons. When the drivers argued that the day was almost ending, the youths insisted that ghost towns start from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

They warned the truck drivers that defaulters would risk their trucks … that they were not ‘in the mood to burn the trucks down, but that they will do so if the drivers default on their orders.

Two weeks ago irate youths under the banner of Ejagham Njemaya Youth Movement for Positive Change stormed the Eyumojock Council building and chased away all Council workers, demanding 21 million FRS as their share of timber royalties.


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