BREAKING NEWS: Communication Minister Calls For Internet Blackout in Cameroon to Frustrate Monday’s Lawyers Protest

Issa Tchiroma, Communication Minister
Issa Tchiroma, Communication Minister

By Fred Ndango, Nov. 19, 2016

Cameroon Journal, Yaounde – As Common Law Lawyers and Teachers take to the streets on Monday in a protest that is being described as the mother of all protests in Anglophone Cameroon, the Cameroon gov’t isn’t leaving any stone unturned in efforts to thwart it. The protest will bring together Teachers, transporters and the civil society in all of English speaking Cameroon in solidarity of what they all agree is the marginalization of this part of Cameroon.

After attempts to cut off social media – Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter from the Cameroon masses appear to have failed, Communication Minister has now embarked in an all-out effort to totally black-out the Internet in the country as Anglophones are all determine to fraternize with their lawyers in the Monday strike action.

Issa Tchiroma, Communication Minister, The Cameroon Journal gathered, held a meeting two days ago with top management of MTN, Orange, Nexttel and Camtel asking that the mobile telephone and Internet providers in the country suspend internet service/connections for some time –  apparently to impede internet planning and communication between organisers and the masses of the Monday protest.

However, the lawyers and Anglophone masses are not by any means perturbed by the news. “They are exhausting their strategies to continue to subdue us,” one of the lawyers quipped. “They will bend us but we shall not break,” he said.

An activist who opted for anonymity referring to the courage of the lawyers told the Cameroon Journal, “Our Lawyers demonstrated loyalty to the cause by walking straight into tear gas and live bullets. They demonstrated the spirit of will power by denying the money proposed as bribe to their leaders. Yes, they know they are fighting for a good cause and we all are behind them. They know they can’t let us down.”

Monday’s strike will see Teachers’ Unions joining the lawyers in solidarity as they all demand for the restoration of the Anglo-Saxon legal and educational system in the Southern Cameroons.

Everybody – just anyone who feels marginalized or who sympathises for the plight of Anglophone Cameroonians should come out in black attire to join the lawyers and teachers in both the Northwest and Southwest and participate in the rallies. “We shall all be dressed in black come Monday Nov. 21 2017 to let the whole world know there is a group of people somewhere who are fighting just for their freedom,” one of the organisers  said.

After teachers declared participation in Monday’s protest, Traders in both the Northwest and Southwest regions have said they will join the protest action beginning November 28.

Commom Law Lawyers, practitioners of English law in Cameroon since petitioned the Biya’s regime after the gov’t launched surreptitious efforts at assimilating and exterminating common law practice in the country. Teachers from the two regions are asking the regime to steer away from interfering in the Anglo-Saxon educational system they inherited from Great Britain. Over the years, the gov’t has remained unyielding, rather choosing to either intimidate or set division and disagreement among the lawyers and teachers’ unions. So far, it has not worked. The lawyers have said they are not backing down with the strike action until all of their grievances are met.


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