Consortium Changes Stance, Endorses Full Fledge Independence for the Southern Cameroons

Tassang Wilfred, Consortium Programs Director
Tassang Wilfred, Consortium Programs Director

By Tapuka Gerald, February 11, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Yaoundé – The Leader of the Anglophone Cameroon Civil Society Consortium, Tassang Wilfred has announced a modification of its stance from Federation to complete restoration of the state of Southern Cameroons.

The announcement is contained in a video statement in which Tassang, from his hide out, says the Consortium is disappointed with the exaggerated force being used by the government on Anglophones. He states that because of government’s refusal to dialogue and its violent moves against Anglophones, it is clear that the two Cameroons can no longer live together.

“The indifference exhibited by Yaoundé to the grievances expressed by the Lawyers and Teachers Trade Unions and Associations since October 2016, the brutality, the killings, the rapes and intimidation has caused the consortium to shift from its consideration of federalism as an option. It is now abundantly clear to us that Anglophones and Francophones can no longer cohabit in peace and harmony by no force of ours but by the deliberate and wicked machinations of the government. Therefore, the resolute march for the total restoration of Southern Cameroons is hereby declared,” Tassang said.

The video, published on Friday, February 10, appeared to be very recent as Tassang also revisited the recent deadly clashes in Ndop and condemned the arrest of the Parish Priest and Chairman of a Jakiri Catholic Church. “The arrest of the Priest and Parish Chairman

in Church in Jakiri has greatly shocked us. This means even the house of our God has been desecrated.” Tassang said.

Tassang called on Anglophones, especially the youths to remain steadfast in prayers and trust in God who would take them home. “Dear people,” he said.  “Dear youth, as true as God is on the throne, it would not take long and we shall be home. God is with us,” he said. He also sent a message of encouragement to those arrested and jailed and thanked the diaspora immensely for their support.

This is a big shift from the original demands of the Consortium which used to be a call for a Two State Federation. Amongst the three pivotal leaders of the Consortium; Agbor Balla, Fontem Neba, Tassang Wilfred is the only one who is still at large. It was previously said he was in a Western Embassy. But from every indication, the backdrop of the video doesn’t portray him as speaking from some foreign embassy. The background is very much distinguished from the verdant and concrete environment associated with most diplomatic missions in Yaoundé.

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