EXCLUSIVE: How MoRISC is Bent on Sabotaging the Consortium and Southern Cameroons Struggle

Left to right, Innocent Chia and (Ntumfoyn) Boh Herbert. If MoRISC survives, credit them, if it crashes, blame it on them too.
Left to right, Innocent Chia and (Ntumfoyn) Boh Herbert. If MoRISC survives, credit them, if it crashes, blame it on them too.

By Chris Fobeneh, Monday, February 27, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Washington D.C – On January 21 at a MoRISC organized conference in DC, Boh Herbert, the organisation’s designated Spokesperson, expressed a shrewd statement in a conversation with a group of four, (names withheld). In the statement, which the four received with amusement, Herbert indicated that U.S President, Donald Trump, won the Presidency using lies, and then told them how lies must also be employed as a weapon in MoRISC’s fight for legitimacy and recognition as umbrella organization for the Southern Cameroons struggle. Of course, this may come across as some gossip talk. Not at all – it’s not gossip. This is a fact. We have the four witnesses to whom Herbert made the statement.

However, that isn’t the crux of this story. Though it helps explains how arising from that January conference in Washington, MoRISC, resorted to the use of henchmen and surrogates, including Herbert himself, to lie, frame-up and set-up anyone and any group that dared challenged its claims of  legitimacy and amalgamation with other groups. Unfortunately, we will not bring you the whole story in this piece. So, expect a second and probably a third piece before our reporting on this grand scheme is concluded.

To help the reader better understand the contextual to this article, we have published referenced postings of Boh Herbert and Innocent Chia (links here provided), to substantiate the narration we make in this story. Those postings triggered our interest and findings into the so many lies, schemes, and claims they have made about MoRISC and those they consider its foes.

In this article and the ones to follow, we will report on a number of concerns, including happenings at the January 21 MoRISC conference, Money issues, the checkered relationship between MoRISC and SCNC’s Elvis Kometa, MoRISC’s constitution, Registration, Fund raising and spending, the troubles that led to the calling of the Police in Hagerstown, and finally, how MoRISC implanted the hedge and schism that is seeing the Consortium cracked apart. What we report here isn’t some ‘hear say’ information, or some effort to effect the downfall of MoRISC as some would like to rush to judgement. In The Cameroon Journal’s long held mission and resolve of holding those entrusted with power accountable, we rigorously researched this story and we feel that it’s time that certain things are exposed before they result in the obituary of the Southern Cameroons struggle. We have no apologies to egomaniacs, influence peddlers and power hungry individuals who are about ceasing on the adversities and calamities ongoing in Anglophone Cameroon, to build new resumes for themselves.

First, we will like to set the record straight. If we do not, the response to this story from Boh Herbert and his surrogates will be that “these are lies from a man upset for having been fired from the Communication committee of MoRISC or lies from a hireling of La Republique du Cameroun. Let it be known that this is far from it. Herbert and Innocent Chia have been in the habit of making these insinuations each time they are questioned or censured.

In mid-November 2016, Chris Anu, Publisher of The Cameroon Journal, returned from a trip to Cameroon. About a week after, Southern Cameroons teachers made the decision to join the lawyers in a strike that was already ongoing. As momentum picked up in the territory and people were being arrested and brutalized, with some shut at by trigger happy police, Anu, made a phone call to Boh Herbert, Larry Eyong Echo, and Ebini Christmas Atem. In the phone call, Anu suggested to the trio the need for a kind of organization in the diaspora through which the struggle in the territory could be supported. All of them acknowledged that it was such a great idea and suggested that they were already reflecting about it – that Anu will be contacted once the modus operandi was considered.

It didn’t take long after which Anu had another conversation with Herbert to which he disclosed that he was adding Anu to a planning forum whose appellation he didn’t immediately disclose. Anu, Chia, Herbert, Larry Eyong, Lambert and others, had several conference calls in the forum in which they discussed the direction and mission of MoRISC. There was general consensus that MoRISC acts as a unifying body to all the other nationalist Southern Cameroons groupings in the diaspora, however, not as a new organization or grouping, but a mere nucleus around which all others else gathered. Herbert asserted again and again that he was in consultation with these other groups and that they were all onboard – of course, they were not, in fact, it turned out that some have never been officially invited to participate in MoRISC. But this is a story for another day.

As preparations for the January gathering in DC were ongoing, Anu, because he had contacts with Hon. Wirba and Prof. Kofele Kale, was given assignment to contact both for key speaker positions at the gathering. Before that could happen, The Cameroon Journal published an editorial titled “Live Free or Die” – “How Anglophones Can Start Cutting Ties With La Republique.”

In the editorial, The Journal was unequivocal suggesting that Anglophones cannot continue to sing imaginalisation while Oil from SONARA and Timber are ferried to La Republique every day. It stated that it was time Anglophones severe ties with La Republique du Cameroun LRC, by sabotaging the movement of oil from Victoria to Douala and Timber from Meme, Ndian and Manyu to LRC. We suggested LRC’s colonial governors, SDOs, DOs and other important Francophone officials serving in the territory be asked to leave, failing which they be kidnapped until LRC releases Southern Cameroonians already detained. And we have continued to stand not just by that opinion, but absolutely ON IT. We thought this wasn’t asking too much from a regime that has hundreds, if not thousands of our brothers and sisters behind bars. About a week after the publication of the editorial, Anu received a phone call from Herbert to the effect that the Communication Committee of MoRISC resolved that he be taken off of it for advocating violence –MoRISC, Herbert said, doesn’t believe or preach violence.

Anu’s response to Herbert, which he (Herbert has actually quoted in another posting), was that he didn’t know … that he was never informed he belonged to some Communication Committee in MoRISC; that had he known it, owing to his position as a reporter, would have chosen to opt out to avoid bias in their reporting. Anu wondered why MoRISC, a liberation movement it claims to be, would be so irked by a publication from another organization that in no way suggested or implied that the position it took was MoISC’s.

Why is this narration necessary? It is necessary because each time that The Cameroon Journal has written about MoRISC, Herbert, Chia, and others have been quick to suggest the publisher is paying back for being fired from some committee which in the first place, he was never informed of, and of which he could never had accepted if it was made clear what the group was. Boh Herbet is on record for example, as stating regarding one of our editorials, that it is “all about lies hatched, sold, told, and retold by a man who was fired from the Communications team of MoRISC for advocating violence and who has been unable to deal with being let go.” His surrogate, Innocent Chia in a defamatory posting for which he’s now being sued titled “Cameroon Journal Publisher Wanted,” also wrote, “needless stating that distancing Mr. Anu from the team, left him embittered.”

Again, this has been a recurring theme from the duo each time that MoRISC is held accountable for its misdeeds, and they do it to feign off dissent and continue selling their lies. It is the same tactic…

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