MoRISC Flaunts Idea of Interim Prime Minister for Southern Cameroons in May

Boh Herbert, MoRISC’s Spokesperson
Boh Herbert, MoRISC’s Spokesperson

By Tibah Charles, March 26, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Washington, DC – The Washington D.C based Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of The Southern Cameroons, MORISC, has floated the idea of forming an interim gov’t and electing an Interim Prime Minister for the Southern Cameroons, come May this year.

The decision, according to a press statement signed by Spokesperson, Boh Herbert, on Sunday March 26, was reached during the organization’s retreat that held over the weekend in Hagerstown, Virginia.


“A growing number of countries around the world are voicing strong support for the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons ahead of the election, now scheduled to hold in May 2017, of an Interim Prime Minister,” reads part of the statement signed by Herbert. The statement, though, fails to mention the countries supporting the independence move, and it equally doesn’t mention prospective candidates for the Prime ministerial position and other cabinet positions to be elected.


“MoRISC reminds all Southern Cameroonian citizens in the homeland and in the Diaspora that our duty to resist colonization from the Republic of Cameroon, including through strikes by our lawyers, teachers, and students shall not be called off until the independence of Southern Cameroons is restored, notwithstanding the level of intimidation, arrest, torture, blind repression and political witch-hunting before kangaroo courts of peace loving Southern Cameroonians.”

MoRISC Leadership Team

Advisory Council Chair: Elvis Kometa, SCNC Chair, North America. Spokesperson and Deputy Spokesperson: Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert and Mr. Larry Eyong Echaw

Secretary General: Barrister Syh Ambe.

Political Affairs Director  & Assistant: Mr. Jude Ozughen & Barrister Marie-Claire Njiembe

Communications Director: Mr. Innocent Chia

Social Media Team: Mr. Nico Kang & Mr. Brinksly Ewang

President Finance Committee & Comptroller: Mr. Willibroad Ade & Mr. Brado Tabeyang

Treasurer: Vyvian Mbanwie

Organizing Secretary: Mr. Christmas Ebini

Public Relations Director: Mr. Kenneth Fru Ndeh

Legal Director: Manjong Barrister Jude Ambe


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