Cameroon solicits FCFA 3 billion from the European Union to secure its borders

(Business in Cameroon) – The Cameroonian Minister of Economy, (Minepat) Louis Paul Motaze, and the Secretary General (SG) of the Central African Economic Community (CEEAC), Ahmad Allam-Mi exchanged on 5 April in Yaoundé, on “CEEAC’s Border Programme”.

Regarding this “CEEAC Border Program” which was the subject to the request sent by the Minepat on 10 March 2017, Ahmad Allam-Mi acknowledged receipt and reassured Mr Motaze that his request for funding to replenish the Special Allocation Fund, with 5 million Euros (FCFA 3.275 billion), was received by the General Secretariat of CEEAC.

Mr Allam-Mi subsequently indicated that this request was approved by the General Secretariat who made a request to the European Union delegation on 27 March 2017. The SG pointed out that the amount, 5 million Euros, would be taken from the priority area “Political integration and cooperation in terms of peace and security” of the 11th European Development Fund for Central Africa.

The SG estimated that for a better integration in the “CEEAC Border Programme”, it is preferable that the action be developed so as to support in priority, management and security operations at the Cameroon-Nigeria border with a larger geographic reach also covering Chad and the Central African Republic.

Sylvain Andzongo,

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