The Cameroon Journal (CJ) is Cameroon’s most read independent daily newspaper online. We are a nonprofit digital publication, and not beholden to any interest group. We’re very committed to a free and democratic Cameroon – it is a cause to us and the motivation behind what we do.

The Gov’t of Cameroon recently shut down the Internet in the two English Speaking Regions of the Northwest and Southwest in efforts to hamper residents from communicating on social media, which has largely been the means by which people circulate breaking information on a four months ongoing crisis in the two parts of the country.

Our reporters are having to spend enormous extra sums, crossing the borders of the Northwest to Mbouda, in the West Region, and Douala in the Littoral Region, from the Southwest, to find internet to send breaking stories. Most of these reporters cannot sustain the extra expenses they are making as theirs is basically citizen journalism with very meagre compensation. They will not continue to write for long under the given Internet circumstances.  Without their leg work, you will not be able to read what is happening in Cameroon, most especially in the two English speaking regions where schools have been grounded for over three months, and courts shut down for even a longer period.

The funds we raise here will be used to assist the reporters continue to cross the borders into these different regions where there is internet, to send us breaking stories from ongoing crisis in Cameroon. This need is VERY URGENT as the situation on the ground in Anglophone Cameroon needs desperate coverage and publicity in the absence of Internet in the Regions.

If you appreciate what we do, we’re appealing to you to stand with us – SUPPORT US TO GET THE COVERAGE of crisis in Anglophone Cameroon coming. Please click on the Gofundme link/banner to make a generous donation.

Thank You.


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