Weapon Scare! Biya Regime Embarks on Door-to-Door Search in English Cameroon

By Akoson Pauline Dialle, Thursday March 30, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Yaoundé – Reports reaching us say that President Paul Biya currently spends sleepless nights after a security briefing some ten days before his Italy trip of March 20.

Our sources disclosed that special secret cyber security teams set up by Etoudi to monitor and eavesdrop on social media conversations of Anglophones resident within and out of Cameroon seems to have discovered palpable evidence suggesting that weapons have been smuggled progressively into English Cameroon within the past six years. Quizzed on which Anglophone movements have been blacklisted for involvement in their findings, Cameroon Journal sources said that all the movements are suspects.

Since the 80s, several Anglophone groups have been formed to fight for the restoration of the independence of the Southern Cameroons; including AMBAZONIA of Fon Gorji Ndika, the Southern Cameroons National Council (currently existing in four factions – the SCNC of ambassador Fossung, the SCNC of Justice Alobwede, the SCNC of NFOR Ngala NFOR, the SCNC of Wancham), the Southern Cameroons People’s Organisation, SCAPO of Ngwang Gunme of blessed memory (now captained by Augustine NDANGAM), the Southern Cameroons Youth League, SCYL of Ebenezer Akwanga, the Southern Cameroons Government in Exile by Carlson Anywangwe, the Ambazonia Governing Council, AGC of AYABA CHO Lucas, the Movement for the Restoration of Independence of the Southern Cameroons, MoRISC of Boh Herbert.


In February 2017, the SCNC, SCAPO, Ambazonia, CASSC met in Lagos and constructed an umbrella organization dubbed Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Consortium United Front, SCACUF to use legal and diplomatic means to press for the independence of the Southern Cameroons. On the other hand, the SCYL and AGC operate under the Ambazonia Mission with the motto, “the argument of force”.


The Cameroon Journal caught up with the Commander-in-Chief of the AGC, AYABA CHO Lucas to react on government’s allegations. His response; “Door-to-door search you say. This will not help them in any way. Our people are resolute. Their firm determination will give us victory. By the way, the Etoudi security reports are faulty. We will not disclose our strategy here. We are not afraid of Biya’s drunks; when we are ready, we’ll inform him and we’ll

strike him hard if he refuses to leave our territory and brick by brick, block by block, neighbourhood by neighbourhood we shall overcome. They aren’t good history students because if they were, they’d have known that no military, however powerful has ever defeated a resolute and determined people…” The brave eloquent speaker boasted that Biya’s forces will be no match when their ‘I’s would have been dotted.

Meanwhile, aggressive door-to-door search for weaponry has been ordered by the presidency of the Republic. Achekeng Destiny Nkafu, an English Cameroonian from Fontem, Lebialem division, currently resident in the US has sounded a distress call on his Facebook wall; “…Unbelievable that LRC send military men to search my compound today in Lebialem division…”

Attempts to get Achekeng to elucidate further were futile by press time.


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