OPINION: SDF: Going One, Going Two and Gone

SDF National Chairman, John Fru Ndi
SDF National Chairman, John Fru Ndi

By Ticha Awa Tamba, April 13, 2017

You may not like this and it might not be an irrefutable presumption, but President Donald Trump’s (hereinafter referred to as Trump) November 8 victory reshaped politics and ushered in a panoply of political jurisprudence which the world is slowly learning to grapple with. Not only did Trump’s victory change the modus operandi and the modus vivendi of ‘Washington” but it also visited the classroom and added some precedence to political science as the curriculum of political science never remained the same after November 8 or even prior.

There are a wide range of things to learn from Trump’s unprecedented victory. But one that stood tall amongst the rest and could easily be tagged as his trademark is his obsession with loyalty. Not only did he expect loyalty as a sine qua non from his close associates, he on the other hand was extremely loyal to his associates and ”had their backs” at all times even when they flawed and went astray.

That kind of loyalty is exactly what SDF Chairman Fru Ndi has been found wanting in and here comes the need to learn from Trump is loyalty. Party members are expected to be loyal to the party but the party in return has to be loyal to its members, stand by them and defend them publicly at all times. You have to describe the actions of your close associates as ”terrific” in public like Trump will say it no matter what terrible things they did. The worst you should do is to pivot, not thrash your own.

Hon Wirba’s honeymoon with the SDF after his powerful resistance and revolutionary speech on the rostrum of the National Assembly was short-lived because the entire Southern Cameroon population rallied behind him and pledged their unquestionable loyalty. He quickly rose as the ”man of the situation’ and the ”ordained one.’ ‘This did not go down well with SDF bigwigs, John Fru Ndi inclusive. For SDF big wigs, Wirba had become a threat to their political careers, popularity and privileges. Hon. Wirba’s actions after the ”resistance speech” removed him from the SDF docile crowd of party chieftains and made him

stand so tall that the difference became so eminent and easily visible. While Wirba was busy criss- crossing Southern Cameroons to awaken and fortify the spirits of all ”AMBAZONIANS,’ the majority SDF leaders were missing in action and that forced people to start questioning the usefulness, mission and the legitimacy of their SDF leaders who sealed their lips in times of oppression, killing and torture of their own people.

You might want to bring forth the argument that the SDF organized rallies in Bamenda and Buea, but I will tell you that not only did it lack spontaneity, it was more of a publicity move by a dying SDF party whose credibility and approval ratings were slumping at a geometric progression and almost on par with the crooked and now banned CPDM party in Southern Cameroons. SDF immediately after the aforementioned rallies rested the burdens of the struggle on the consortium and quickly went to bed.

It will be safe and politically correct to say there is a vacancy in Southern Cameroons as far as political parties are concerned. Therefore it will be wise for any smart politician or group of politicians to seize that political space since SDF has been declared ”dead” awaiting burial. Not only is the SDF now considered as a sub section of CPDM, it has also completely lost its grip even in its supposed fiefdom. I hereby call especially on victims of the infamous section 8.2 of the SDF to rally together

with other key stakeholders in Southern Cameroons to occupy that political vacuum left by the ”deceased SDF”. I also call on all SDF elected officials of southern Cameroons in parliament to start packing their bags and saying farewell to their colleagues because their stay is short live and their eviction is eminent. We will all join hands to give the ”deceased SDF ” a befitting 12 feet grave burial and to learn from the demise of a once vibrant, embracing and embraced party.

Ticha Awa Tamba is a Lawyer, Political Scientist, Entrepreneur, Former Freelance Journalist and Pan- African

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  1. This article is very much out of place in the present dispensation…It is the SDF and its chieftain tat are directly and indirectly taking the bull by te horns in addressing, defending and articulating the “Anglophone Cause”” and here we are chastising her and its leadership!!! time will tell who fought most for this struggle!!!!

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