How Isa Tchiroma Ordered The Arrest And Torture of Bakassi Indigenes Who Resisted Assimilation

Issa Tchiroma the Minister of Communication
Issa Tchiroma, Minister of Communication

By Akoson Pauline Diale, Friday April 28, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Bakassi – One of the victims of Paul Biya’s genocidal tendencies whose name the CJ got simply as ‘Naija Man’, a resident of Bakassi in the Southwest Region, is speaking out about how he was tortured under direct instructions from Cameroun Communication Minister, Issa Tchiroma.

Tchiroma ordered he be mercilessly flogged by the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) forces, a special branch of the Cameroon gov’t’s military unit trained to stifle dissent and clampdown on activists.

This fisherman of Balondo, Ekondo Nene who resides at Idabato, Bakassi, disclosed that between February and March this year, Issa Tchiroma the Minister of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi, Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, MINATD, Senator Peter Mafany Musonge, Grand Chancellor of the Order of Valour, the SDO for Ndian Division and three Italian engineers visited the Bakassi area thrice.

Naija Man reported that the Yaounde delegation had several meetings with Bakassi locals during which they failed to entice them from dropping their support for the Southern Cameroons emancipation quest.

‘They gathered us each time they came around and made fake promises. They said they would tar our roads, as if we had any! They promised to build us a university with courses on Petrochemical Engineering. But I am certain that all what they say is deceitful. Their purpose was to finalise the quick extraction of our oil before we finally part ways. I say this because, they have already brought some heavy machines and the white men have built camps for their workers’. CJ source revealed in a lengthy letter sent from Bakassi.

On one of such meetings between the Yaoundé barons and the people of the Bakassi area, Issa Tchiroma lashed out at those who followed Facebook postings and warned them against believing lies from certain prominent Southern Cameroonian writers on Facebook, including Mark Bareta, Tapang Ivo, Ayaba Cho Lucas, Ebenezer Akwanag, Achire Belmondo and this reporter. After one of the events, our source disclosed that the men from Yaoundé started distributing clean 10,000 FCFA notes each to the people. It was at this juncture that the fearless Naija Man rose up and objected in anger;

‘We are not hungry. We do not need your money. Leave us alone’.

An infuriated Tchiroma responded by ordering the BIR to flog him mercilessly.

‘This left me hospitalised for days at our local clinic. Mr. Tchiroma warned that anyone who wanted to rebel would be treated as bad as they did to me’.

Paul Biya has always used force to suppress vocal voices. Areas within Cameroon that has BIR forces have been reduced to concentration camps where these men in uniform commit atrocities against the people and go away with it. It is reported that cases of rape at the Bakassi area are widespread. This has left many Nigerian girls escaping to the other side of the border where they believe they feel more secured.


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