How People Are Abducted And Intimidated to Disclose Whereabouts of Family Members So They Can Be Arrested

Nkongho Success, Friday, April 28, 2017

Cameroon Journal, YaoundéThe secret service of Cameroon popularly known by its French acronym as CENER, seems to have introduced a new form of intimidation through abduction against activists clamouring for the restoration of the statehood of the erstwhile British Southern Cameroons.
In this story, the Cameroon Journal profiles the case of a victim of such state abduction, – the case of one Mukete Beatrice, a resident of Ecole des Postes neighbourhood in Yaounde abducted by the state secret service on April 12 dumped behind bars for exactly one week. Her crime, she is paternal cousin to Motalle Pauline Diale, a Southern Cameroonian social media critic and an avoid crusader for the separation of the two Cameroons – the Republic of Cameroun and the Southern Cameroons.
Pauline’s blunt advocacy and prescription for ‘self-defence’ tactic as a means to ‘send away colonialists from the Southern Cameroons territory’ has earned her several Thatcher-like appellations including Iron Lady and Fearless Amba Queen by friends.

A week prior to her illegal arrest, CENER agents had made several attempts to arrest Pauline at her church, Harvest Outreach Ministries, Carrefour Acacia, Yaoundé. The agents would come in and hoodwink church members that they were fellow brothers in church who needed follow-up Bible studies with her. Unable to find her in church and through church members, their frustration reached agonizing dimensions and they sought other options to get Pauline, wife of Popular Action Party, PAP’s Secretary General and Personal Assistant to detained Supreme Court Judge, Ayah Paul.
Intelligence work landed the regime’s secret service men at Borax Bilingual Nursery & Primary School, Ecole des Postes, Yaoundé on April 11, – a primary school where Pauline had been teacher,  recruited by the then Headmistress, Mukete Beatrice in 2011. In complicity with Borax’s current Head teacher, one Mr. Hyppolite, a Francophone from the Western region, noted for enormous disgust for the ‘Anglophone movement’, the CENER agents secured the home address of Beatrice.
On the evening of April 12, a black jeep, whose matriculation number the Cameroon Journal did not immediately obtain, patrolled the neighbourhood of Beatrice and eventually spotted her strolling around her compound. Without presenting any arrest warrant, they bundled her into their jeep in a typical kidnap style and sped off.
By midnight, Beatrice’s sister, Sylvie got worried about the former’s whereabouts and raised an alarm. The following morning, April 13, she mounted a team of volunteers comprising of neighbours, friends, and relatives, including Mukete Ernest, a cousin who works with the Presidential Guards. The search squad moved from one police and gendarmerie station to another, and almost tired of looking, they found Beatrice at the National Gendarmerie Headquarters, SED where she’d been detained under deplorable conditions. However, efforts to secure her release through bail were futile.
Speaking out of detention, Beatrice said she was psychologically tortured to produce Pauline and or provide details of the domicile of Pauline’s sisters. Beatrice said she denied ever knowing her whereabouts and that of Pauline’s husband. She told The Cameroon Journal that she was equally tortured, and threatened with life imprisonment without trial. For one week, she said, she was denied access to a lawyer and subjected to the harshest dehumanizing conditions reminiscent of Cameroon’s detention centers. Beatrice denied being physically abused as she sobbed while recounting her ordeal to the Journal.
It is important to note that since October 2016, hundreds of English speaking Cameroonians have been arrested and detained in different prison locations in the country for suggesting that a return to a two-state federation is the only option to resolve the Anglophone Crisis.

Njousi David Abang, former SG of PAP and a foot soldier for the Ambazonian Governing Council, AGC,

id=”yiv7501817889yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_1493357637081_3281″ lang=”EN-GB”>Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine, Deputy Attorney General of the Supreme Court and President of PAP, Barrister Agbor Felix Nkongo, President of the outlawed Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortiun (CONSORTIUM), Dr. Fontem Neba, SG of the CONSORTIUM, Mancho Bibixy, initiator of the Coffin Revolution and hundreds of other Southern Cameroonians are currently being held in different prisons, police and gendarmerie cells across the country, charged with terrorism, insurrection and treason.


The international community, namely the UN, EU, AU and the White House have heavily criticised the way the Biya’s regime is handling the crisis and have called for restraint. As recently as last week, the Republic of Cameroon bowed to pressure from the representative of the UN Secretary General to reinstate internet in Anglophone Cameroon that had been shut down for three months straight. All eyes are on Cameroon as more pressure mounts for the unconditional release of all those arrested and the initiation of constructive dialogue by the government with leaders of English Cameroon.


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