FROM THE EDITOR: We Are Glad to Be Back Finally

Monday, May 8, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Washington D.C – If you are an avid reader of The Cameroon Journal, you would have observed that for over six months, our website refused to have a consistent presence online. It was up for a minute and then down in another. Such a bad timing considering the ongoing struggle in the homeland.

We came to find out only lately that we were constantly being hacked –  by who? We can’t tell. It posed such a severe threat, not just to our website but equally to the servers of our hosting company. We learned that we were having traffic in the upward of 70,000 hits in every given two seconds on the website. On a typical day, our website would see hits of about 14,000, that is, for the entire day. But in this case, we were witnessing strange increases from the 14,000 to 70,000, and not in a day, but in every two seconds.

We have changed hosting companies four times within the six months period, thinking they did be the problem. But none of such change came with expected results. We were still being hit with the unusual traffic.

Came to find out that the 70,000 wasn’t actual human traffic. Robots were being directed to our site with spam IP addresses. Such was overwhelming to the host companies and they had to manually shut down the site to save their servers and services to their other subscribers.

We have missed a lot of reporting on the crisis in Cameroon. But we are glad we are back. You can once more expect that as a leader in the online news for Cameroon, we’re getting back to business bringing you ALL of the NEWS from ALL of the SIDES. Our website will henceforth future a regular spot for our audio editorials. We shall also be launching in a matter of weeks, another domain titled

While we catalog President Biya’s regime abuses in this new site, it will also feature breaking news and insightful commentary/opinion on life and politics in Cameroon. We hope you will continue to support our effort for a better country be it Cameroon or the Southern Cameroons.


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