SDF Leads The Way in 20th May Boycott -Says The Union is Decaying

John Fru Ndi, SDF national Chairman.
John Fru Ndi, SDF national Chairman.

By Randy Pivaga, Monday, May 8, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Bamenda – The Social Democratic Front, SDF party has said it will not be part of this year’s deliberations marking Independence Day celebrations for the Cameroons for a reason they describe as the national decaying state of the country. The main opposition party made the announcement in a press statement dated Sunday, May 7.

In the statement signed by the party’s chieftain, John Fru Ndi, the party said President Biya’s inability to proffer simple solutions to the problems being posed by trade-unions and other respectful organisations in the country is at the core of the current crisis rocking the nation.

“We have called on the President of the Republic on several occasions to engage in genuine and inclusive dialogue in order to settle the so many fundamental problems that plaque our nation… Mr. Biya has answered our repeated calls with characteristic nonchalance and inertia.” The statement states.

It is for this reason that the SDF, they said, will not be participating in this year’s 20th May deliberations.

“We cannot continue to expect a step in the right direction from a regime that works only for its own selfish interests. We are therefore taking a stand not to participate in the upcoming celebration of our highly endangered national unity. This is in strong protest against the national decaying state of our union.” The SDF press statement reads.

The party, however, clarifies that celebrations marking the 27th anniversary of the party will go on as planned on May 26, however, without feasting in solidarity with those under unjust detention in the country, including those who have died.

Southern Cameroons activist in the country and abroad have called for the boycott of the independence celebrations, describing the occasion as the day they entered into slavery with French Cameroon. Ghost towns have been slated to hold on May 20th all over Southern Cameroons territories in protest of the event.


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