Paul Ayah’s Party Joins Bandwagon of Political Parties Asking For Boycott of 20th May Celebrations

Ayah Paul Abine, Supreme Court Advocate and Chairman of PAP.
Ayah Paul Abine, Supreme Court Advocate and Chairman of PAP.

By Ngala Hans, May 12, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Buea – The Popular Action Party (PAP) of Ayah Paul Abine who happens to be behind bars currently in relation to the current Anglophone uprising, has announced that it will not be part of this year’s 20th May celebrations in Cameroon.

The party made the announcement in a statement dated May 11. It reads in part : “Whereas events from October 2016 to present reveal a lack of unity between the two peoples that make up Cameroon; whereas the regime of Paul Biya has vehemently refused to, as per prescription by the international community to unconditionally release all English Cameroonians arrested between October 2016 to present; more so, whereas the conduct of Yaounde exposes a hidden agenda and absolute lack of political will to engage in constructive dialogue as recommended by English Cameroonians and the international community namely the AU,UN, UK and US towards resolving the “Anglophone Question”; PAP Secretary General Orders as Follows:

-That the party shall boycott the May 20, 2017 celebrations all over Cameroon

-That on May 20, 2017 PAP members and sympathizers shall clad themselves in black to mourn all those who have died in the course of the English Cameroon emancipation struggle

-The PAP regional executives shall ensure the enforceability of this order in their respective regions …”

The statement also makes a strong case for ghost towns on May 20. “English Cameroon shall observe ghost towns on May 20, 2017

It would be recalled that Ayah Paul Abine, PAP’s president and a sitting Supreme Court judge who was arbitrarily arrested in connection with the current crisis, delegated his party’s secretary general Akoson A. Raymond to issue the statement above. PAP is the fourth political party in the country to announce a boycott of this year’s May 20 celebrations after the SDF, USDP and CPP.


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