Boh Herbert Makes Turnaround, Thanks to The Triumph of Democracy

Boh Herbert (sitting), receives prayers from Sesekou Christmas Ebini Tuesday night.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Washington D.C – Democracy is in action within the struggle for the liberation of the  Southern Cameroons. We recall that only last week, Boh Herbert and by extension MoRISC, resigned from SCACUF and he asserted in his own words, he wanted to focus on his responsibilities as MoRISC’s Spokesperson. Right after that resignation, MoRISC, in another statement signed by Herbert, announced precipitated elections for a Southern Cameroons Interim Gov’t, an idea that breathed fire storm not just from foes of the movement but equally from within MoRISC itself.

There was such outcry and out pouring of invectives against Herbert. The opposition from MoRISC’s branch in England for example was so strong that most people had predicted MoRISC was at the verge of a split. Somebody actually projected that should MoRISC go ahead to organize the elections, that by the morning of May 21, MoRISC’s obituary would have been written. All these conjectures are now history, thanks to MoRISC and Boh Herbert for allowing democracy and the voice of the people to prevail.

Members of the Steering committee of MoRISC meeting in Maryland  Tuesday night, prevailed on their leader not only to cancel the idea of any elections in the immediate future, but equally prevailed on him to take MoRISC back into the united front that is SCACUF.

The Steering Committee “voted unanimously in favor of the postponement. A new date was not immediately provided for the election, except to indicate that a summit in early June 2017 will provide the first opportunity to agree on a new date.” The statement read in part.

The statement continued: “To that effect, the Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons (MoRISC) welcomed the convening by SCACUF of a Global Summit. The summit will be another opportunity to consolidate the united front during a conclave of liberation movement leaders that MoRISC offered to organize in the margins.

.All members of the MoRISC Steering Committee admitted that they have had an earful from Southern

Cameroonians from across the world, ever since a date for the election of an Interim Prime Minister was unilaterally set by MoRISC.

MoRISC members said they have heard, very loud and clear, the overwhelming feedback, predominantly slamming MoRISC and urging its leadership and members to not only remain within SCACUF but to cooperate fully and assume a more active role as a member organization.

.“We committed tonight to put MoRISC back at the service of the unity of action that our people seek and that all of our liberation movements must work steadfastly and with humility to achieve”, said Sesekou Christmas Ebini, “one of the leading members of MoRISC.”

That MoRISC was able to make this about-face in the initial decision to withdraw from SCACUF and organize elections for an interim Prime Minister was thanks to the open display of democracy and the willingness of its leader, Boh Herbert to open his ears to the overwhelming opinion of his followers who disassociated themselves to what appeared to have been a unilateral decision by Herbert to pull out of SCACUF.

Sesekou Christmas Ebini lays hands on Boh Herbert for prayer, Tuesday night May 16 after getting MoRISC to rejoin SCACUF.
Sesekou Christmas Ebini lays hands on Boh Herbert for prayer, Tuesday night May 16 after getting MoRISC to rejoin SCACUF.

At the Cameroon Journal, we recall a very heated exchange between Boh Herbert and Sesekou Christmas Ebini over the former’s resignation. Herbert had obstinately stated that if he had OPPORTUNITY to make that decision resigning from SCACUF, he would “do it again, and again, and again, and again.” However, that he made a sudden turnaround to the voice of the people, laying down his own ego for popular opinion, we commend him for that. Such is the kind of leadership we need in the Southern Cameroons. This is one clear example that we can rule ourselves if given the chance.

We also would like to give kudos to the people – especially within MoRISC, who didn’t shy away from challenging their own leader. This should send a very strong sign to any self-seeking leaders in this struggle that Southern Cameroonians are not following leaders, they are following the struggle. That is, any leader should be ready to be disowned by the people when they do things that serve their interests and not that of the struggle. And that is the only way by which we will keep leaders honest and accountable in this struggle. Leaders of MoRISC in London must be particularly applauded for the clear and swift action they took in distancing themselves not from MoRISC, but from their leader. We believe that the actions they took contributed immensely to the reversal of the decision taken by Boh Herbert.

Having said that, there appears to be a few contradictions from MoRISC stemming from the press statement it sent out. A paragraph or two in the statement states that the election for an Interim Prime Minister are postponed till after a certain meeting that is to hold next month. In another paragraph, the statement states that “We committed tonight to put MoRISC back at the service of the unity of action that our people seek and that all of our liberation movements must work steadfastly and with humility to achieve.”

Here is the contradiction which SCACUF must address or resolve before fully admitting MoRISC into its fold. If MoRISC as an independent organization is still talking of conducting some Interimship elections, it doesn’t project them as belonging to a united front. They cannot crave membership of a united front and at the same time go ahead to choose to unilaterally conduct an election. Conducting any form of an election that is binding on all Southern Cameroonians should be the exclusive prerogative of SCACUF, not any particular organization.

We have said this before at the Cameroon Journal and will say it again. SCACUF is an amalgamation of a group of organisations and so no one organization should want to be threated or recognized above all others. And neither should any individual want to think that he/she has monopoly of ideas on how to get us all to Buea.


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