Count-Down to May 20th, Biya Puts Anglophone Regions Under Military Siege

One of the military trucks pictured here in Bamenda carrying artillery.
One of the military trucks pictured here in Bamenda carrying artillery.

By Hans Ngala, May 19, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Buea – The two Anglophone regions of the Northwest and Southwest are under heavy military siege on the eve of May 20th celebrations that have been proscribed in the two regions by indigenes.

The military presence in both regions is more than what obtained there following the brutal shootings that took place in November and December. Truckloads of gun-toting soldiers are literally all over major towns and cities in both regions as ghost towns continue to be observed on Mondays and other days that are deemed to be days commemorating activities sanctioned by the government of 84-year old Paul Biya.

Already, there is tension in the atmosphere as May 20 (which has for the past 44 years been observed as National Day in Cameroon) draws closer in barely a day. Judging from the December 8 incident when a group of irate youths stormed the Commercial Avenue in Bamenda where the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, Paul Atanga Nji and others were due to stage an anti-Anglophone rally, the government has once again employed its age old tactic of intimidation.

At press time, there were unconfirmed reports about Yaoundé sending some thirteen (13) armored vehicles to the Northwest and Southwest Regions, but what our reporter did see was one of many machine guns (pictured) around Finance Junction in Bamenda.

Flyers are reported to have been dropped all over Buea and Kumba in the early hours of Friday May 19, warning the populace of any participation in this year’s contentious May 20th.

In Kumbo, chief town of Bui Division in the Northwest Region, a man is reported to have gone around with a megaphone Thursday, in the three main neighborhoods of Mbveh, Squares and Tobin, blaring it loud and clear that anyone who dares to partake in the GCE practicals or in May 20th parades will have his/herself to blame for what will befall him/her. He is said to have done this without intimidation from the police or gendarmes in the town. However, they are said to have come out looking for the man when they knew he was long gone.

We could not immediately confirm claims that some persons close to the regime in Yaoundé were going around the seaside town of Limbe with megaphones equally, threatening the public and announcing that May 20th was now a compulsory matter and that defaulters will be dealt with accordingly.

Enter Witchcraft

As tensions continue to mount and with government not being able to bear the thought of a May 20th failure West of the Mungo, all strategies are being employed to see that this does not become the case. Even

unorthodox means such as the use of witchcraft are just some of the unconventional means that are now being considered according to information gathered by The Cameroon Journal. This comes barely days after mysterious bees swarmed into the campus of GBHS Buea where students had thronged in to take practical sessions of this year’s highly controversial GCE. The bees sent both students and invigilators scampering into different directions and have now become known as the “Amba Bees”.

With the prevailing atmosphere, the Cameroon Journal learned that barons in Yaoundé are soliciting the services of witchdoctors much like the ones who sent the bees, to do something so that the march past on May 20th takes place in Bamenda and Buea at all cost. Just how this will be done, one cannot tell.


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