Ayah Cries Out From Cell: “I Am Going Blind”

Justice Ayah Paul Abine
Justice Ayah Paul Abine

By Yusuf Issa, May 23, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Yaoundé – Detained Supreme Court Advocate, Ayah Paul Abine, has in a social media post lamented that he risks going blind completely as his detention condition at the Yaounde Gendarmerie headquarters, SED, worsens.

On Friday May 19, Ayah Paul took to the social media confessing his innocence to his detention, stating that his hands are “clean” and that his detention at SED remains “illegal.”

The man who challenged Paul Biya during the 2011 presidential election before later appointed Supreme Court Advocate, reminded supporters in his Facebook post last Friday that “Saturday, May 20, 2017 marks exactly four months since I was abducted from my residence in Yaounde by agents of the Government, and my current illegal detention at SED, in complete ignorance of what I have done wrong.”

In the post that has since attracted hundreds of consolatory comments, Ayah Paul, who is also a former Member of Parliament under the ticket of Biya’s governing CPDM party, said his morale is exceedingly high.

“I am very serene for I know the good Lord; the ultimate and incorruptible judge himself fights for me. I have lived an exemplary life throughout my career in strict respect of the law and in all honesty and integrity. My hands are clean and so I fear not.”

However, while he keeps up an upbeat spirit, he harbours fears about his health. “My health on the contrary is not at its best as I have picked up a heart condition while my sight has seriously (especially my left eye) depreciated. In the face of the silence maintained by the authorities as to who gave orders for my abduction and what evidence they’ve got against me, I am abandoned to rumours all of which are laughable.” Ayah wrote.

“I can’t help but ask the following questions: Why am I not taken to court like all the others picked up on account of the Anglophone problem in order for me to defend myself against all that is being rumoured (in very high places) in open court before all Cameroonians? Why am I kept here in complete ignorance of what my crime is (if any exists in the first place)? And why are the authorities completely silent as to the reasons behind my being kept here; Not even has the national station, to whom I pay taxes, as much as mentioned my name?”
Justice Ayah, proclaiming his innocence, draws even greater consolation from the scriptures. “One thing is certain: Darkness can never prevail over divine light just as lies and falsehood can never reign eternally over truth. And so onward I match and shall so do till the end and within the law, with inspiration from the Holy Scriptures thus: ‘whosoever holds on till the end shall be saved.” He wrote.

“As I thank you all for every manner of support you have given me and family this far, I pray thee all to be at peace with yourselves and with each other as we keep trusting the most high God who reigns supreme above everything that exists,” he urged.

In the meantime, Ayah’s social media outing last week was the second in less than two weeks.

The week before last, Ayah took to the social media to confess that despite his incarceration, he remains steadfast, though still waiting to be told what his crimes are.


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