Cable Distributors and Viewers of SCBC TV Being Arrested in Northwest, Southwest

By Irene Buma, May 25, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Buea  – Troops have been recruited to the Northwest and Southwest Regions to arrest cable distributors and persons caught watching the South Africa-based Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC)TV,

According to a report in The Post newspaper, the decision to deploy troops to Ndop (a small town about an hour’s drive from regional headquarter Bamenda), came after some seven cable distributors in the area decided to include SCBC TV signals in their network. Within just 24 hours, news of the availability of the channel blowout like wildfire, with the population switching to it immediately, preferring its contents over state-owned CRTV.

As news of the channel continued to make rounds, Ndop’s Legion Commander on the instructions of the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Ngoketunjia, Valery Norbert Kuella stormed the town and arrested the seven cable distributors.

The cable distributors have since not been seen or heard from and the population is in fear as more arrests are feared. The SDO has ordered for the arrest of anyone equally seen watching SCBC and has asked that Ndop (which is also an opposition stronghold) should be rid of SCNC activists and so those suspected to be involved with the organization are whisked off to detention and are never heard from again.

The Cameroon Journal could not immediately confirm claims that people in the Southwest town of Muyuka were also being arrested for watching SCBC. Reports had it that people’s homes were being broken into and their satellite dishes being pulled down from their roofs as long as they were considered potential channels for viewing SCBC.

In spite of this, when our reporter spoke with SCBC viewers, they expressed satisfaction with the coming of the channel. However, one resident in Bamenda who refused to be named told us “I do like the idea of a new channel for Southern Cameroons. We finally have a voice to speak for us. What I don’t understand is why does the channel not have documentaries about our history and things like that? That is much better than the songs that they spend much of the time playing” he stated.

SCACUF has suggested in a post on their Facebook page, that they need people to suggest program content for the channel instead of sitting back and castigating the station which saw the light of day only after some committed individuals put their all into it.


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  1. I really do like this Chanel, at least it will show all the bad things done by LA Republique. More grace to the Ables of all those who did well to see that this Chanel come to reality. God bless southern Cameroon.

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