Why MoRISC And Boh Herbert Can’t Be Trusted With Election of An Interim Prime Minister

Left to right, Innocent Chia and (Ntumfoyn) Boh Herbert. If MoRISC survives, credit them, if it crashes, blame it on them too.
Left to right, Innocent Chia and (Ntumfoyn) Boh Herbert. If MoRISC survives, credit them, if it crashes, blame it on them too.

Thursday, May 30, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Washington D.C – A few weeks ago, Southern Cameroonians yearning for a united front in the fight for liberation from LRC, had to endure the resignation of Boh Herbert as Spokesperson of SCACUF. The uproar and invectives poured out against him and MoRISC, his organization, led to a precipitated summon of a MoRISC‘s Steering Committee on May 16 to reflect on the matter.

The steering committee, it appears, for a moment, was able to prevail on MoRISC and Herbert to consider reversing his withdrawal from SCACUF, to the effect that MoRISC be fully involved or participate in SCACUF’s plan of action as would be presented. Images emerging from the MoRISC Steering Committee meeting presented a repentant and humbled Herbert being laid hands upon perhaps, in the hope of casting out vaulting ambition, grandstanding, and  dictatorial leanings that he’s being accused of by his MoRISC contemporaries.

However, many things have since changed after that meeting and prayer – Boh Herbert has since gone back to the shrewd old Boh. The evidence that as far as he remains the strongman at the helm of MoRISC, they cannot be trusted, not even if welcomed back to SCACUF, to facilitate anything significant for the liberation struggle.  MoRISC and its leader are once more at the penchant of deception, manipulation, and egocentrism.

Consider this as an example. A few days ago, Innocent Chia, MoRISC’s hangman, who is also Boh Herbert’s clansman, sent out a highly divisive post under the fake byline of James Matute. Innocent Chia, disguising behind the fake name and assuming nobody did figure out that he’s the author of the post,  picked issues with Tassang Wilfred and accused him of stone walling the process to electing an Interim Prime Minister (IPM) because, according Chia, Tassang doesn’t want a situation where an elected PM takes over his job and his salary. Chia wrote, “ With a promised monthly salary of $2500 or 1.4million CFA FRS, doubled the salary of what must professors currently earn in Cameroon, many fear that Wilfred Tassang has become very comfortable  with his earning potential to the point that he is working hard to prevent or delay the election of an interim Prime Minister.”

Then in another paragraph, Chia questions why SCACUF doesn’t want MoRISC to organize the election for an IPM.  “What is disturbing to me” wrote Innocent Chia, “and I think it should be most disturbing to every concerned Southern Cameroonian, is why SCACUF is not allowing MoRISC to conduct the elections.” MoRISC!!!  Organise the elections? Who really want to see that happen?

We do well to pause here and note that Innocent Chia uses a pen name in that story, a name with a Southwest heritage, so that the article comes across as a Southwesterner is questioning the leadership of SCACUF – remember the Southwest/Northwest divide and conquer thing? It should be made clear that there is nobody with the names of James Matute. If you have seen one you have the right to challenge this editorial, or if James Matutue is out there, please, we are challenging you to save Innocent Chia and MoRISC.

Barely a day after Innocent Chia’s hit piece against SCACUF and Tassang Wilfred, Boh Herbert, took to the social media, responding to another post that questioned the rush for an IPM election. “Only an Interim Gov’t of national unity (meaning truly representative of our people duly formed by a legitimate IPM (meaning one that is elected and is undoubtedly the expression of the will of our people) stands a chance of being recognized by another gov’t or international organization. SCACUF, Boh Herbert wrote, “has zero chance” of being recognized, especially not if what SCACUF does is, fail to honor its own promises and deadlines. The chances are zero if it usurps the role of an Interim Gov’t as everything it is doing now suggests.”

We at the Cameroon Journal have been some of the fiercest critics of SCACUF. But we have suggested that any election of an Interim Prime Minister should be the exclusive prerogative of SCACUF if it turns out to be actually fulfilling the united front role that it was set out to play. No independent organization outside of SCACUF should even think of usurping that role as Innocent Chia is trying to sell. However, we agree with Boh Herbert’s argument that an Interim gov’t must come through an open election in which the process is transparent and the people, not SCACUF, have the final say.

Having said that, we totally abhor Chia and Boh Herbert’s vaulting behind the scene ploys, tactics and ambition to have MoRISC organize such an election.  MoRISC under the tutelage of Boh Herbert and others like Chia has proven again and again that it cannot be trusted. There is currently ongoing internal tumor within the
organization, if they were as good as Innocent Chia wants all of us to believe, they should by now have been able to put out the fire that engulfed the organization since its creation. Think about this, if for over nine months they cannot make MoRISC a dependable and reckonable organisation, why should all of us trust them with organizing an election?  And by the way, MoRISC is saying that you elect a PM, and the PM forms a gov’t. We ask, just how is the PM going to form that gov’t? That is, what are the guidelines? This question is very important because MoRISC had initially scheduled the elections for May 17, without streamlining GUIDELINES by which the elected PM goes ahead to form a cabinet that is truly representative of Southern Cameroonians across the spectrum.

The whole idea appears to have been hastily thought out and in its self, a big temptation and a trap that may just end up destroying this whole struggle. Because once you pick a PM without first of all formulating guidelines as per the inclusiveness that his cabinet should be, you cannot then turn around and teach him or instruct him or tele- guide him on who he picks for his cabinet.  And what will happen if such a PM forms a gov’t that is as tribalized as MoRISC is? It will break the struggle as people cry foul of lack of representation. We don’t need the distraction right now.

Isn’t it rather very disquieting that only two weeks after they pledged their allegiance to SCACUF, that Innocent Chia and Boh HEREBRT would start nursing the idea of MoRISC organizing the election without giving enough time for a healing? Doesn’t anyone smear a rat here? They should be told that they have nobody’s confidence. So far, Herbert hasn’t demonstrated that he’s a leader that people can trust or follow. He lacks consistency and authenticity.

He goes to Houston for example, donates to the consortium and the following morning, he asks for his check back.  He sends a delegation to Boston to sign the Hoag Foley lawsuit, promises to take care of the delegation’s transportation, but because they affixed their signatures on the document against his will, he refuses to take care of their transportation. Even before the delegation is back from Boston, he withdraws his support for the law suit. He takes on the Spokesman ship of SCACUF, but barely a month after, he resigns. They hold a steering committee and gets MoRISC back to SCACUF, but he still wants to be the one to organize an IPM election that should be the exclusive prerogative of SCACUF. So many inconsistencies not suggestive of a sound leader.

That SCACUF even exist today is testament to the fact that MoRISC is as good as nothing as far as this struggle is concerned. There would be no SCACUF if MoRISC had lived up to what it promised to be.  SCACUF emerged because MoRISC talked of bringing people together but failed to do so for the very reasons we have listed previously. They were busy grandstanding, smearing critics, calling them names and labelling some as agents of LRC. Besides these, there is the problem of man-worship – a situation where people like Boh Herbert have monopoly of wisdom and ideas so that no one else dares questions what the Ntumfoyn says or instructs.

MoRISC would have to disband or create an entire new leadership void of people like Innocent Chia, Boh Herbert, Jude Abam, Ngang Edwind, among others, before it can be considered a legitimate organisation fighting side by side other Southern Cameroons groups.

We should be reminded once again that ours is a struggle, not politics. At the Cameroon Journal, we will continue to speak truth to detractors and, manipulators till we get to Buea by God’s grace. SCACUF must not be put under some pressure for an IPM or Gov’t if the logistics aren’t there yet. Though we have gone so far, it still remains that this struggle isn’t going to end tomorrow. Rushing to form a gov’t when we should rather be strategizing to keep the Gov’t of LRC paralyzed in the upcoming school year is uncalled for now.


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  1. I am utterly disappointed that such controversies should be generated by own very kith and kin. This reminds me of the long trail of betrayal that has caused us to be where we are today. It is very difficult for me to imagine why Innocent and Herbert, two gentlemen I highly admire for their courage and penmanship and intellect would be such a source of confusion at a moment we desperately need a united front. How can we be talking of one party now when we have not yet had our independence. To the best of my knowledge and judgement the Roadmap for the Election of a PM is quite in order. We need to prepare well before doing things. I will like to plead with my two brothers that they should listen to the voices of the people. I wish to assure them that in the short space of time SCACUF has existed it has gained an unprecedented popularity at home. Very few people know anything about MoRISC and it might end up in America. It is premature and preposterous to be talking party politics now. An Interim Gov’t is what someone once called a “War Council” and we have to choose with care who are the lead “warriors”. Else we’ll crash before we start.

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