Clergy Given Heroic Reception in Bamenda, Buea After Case Adjournment

Population of Bamenda at the Finance St. Junction to escorting the Priests to their Parishes

By Hans Ngala, Monday, May 5, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Bamenda – Catholic Bishops in the Northwest and Southwest, the Executive President (EP) of the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) and the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) were all given heroic reception at the Bamenda and Buea Courts of First Instance by swelling crowds after appearing in the courts to answer to lawsuits against them brought by a hitherto unknown Consortium of Parents with Children in Mission Schools.

In Bamenda, the clergymen were ushered into the town from Up Station by a mammoth crowd brandishing fresh branches and leaves, singing, shouting and cheering as cars carrying the Reverend men drove past hundreds of excited onlookers drawn from their homes by the fanfare. As the convoy drove past, the EP of the CBC branched off to Nkwen Baptist Church at the Baptist Center while the Catholics moved on to the Big Mankon Cathedral amid more fanfare.

PCC Moderator weeps at the Buea Court premises overwhelmed by public show of support to the clergy.

Gendarmes who had been sent for a war-like encounter hung their heads in shame as the throng of Christians sang at the top of their lungs, waving their Bible and Roseries high up in the air. Soldiers with rifles on their shoulders felt uncomfortable and could be seen, hiding behind their truck conspicuously parked at Finance Junction.

In Buea, the Moderator of the PCC was the center of attention after breaking down in tears just after the case(which never held for reason that the magistrate needed more time to look at the file). The Moderator said the court challenge which has befallen the church is a chance for the church to soar like an eagle and not sink

A show of unity as Pastors of different denominations converged to pray for the Bishops after the court hearing.

below these trying moments. He said amid tears that it was an opportunity for the church to shine the light of God.

Meanwhile, Police and soldiers who had mounted at strategic positions in both towns were very shocked to see the massive crowds that turned out behind the church leaders, not knowing how they found their way to the courts. Some said it was God’s doing and not man’s.

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