Corrupt Regime Summons Holy Men to Court, Demands 150 Billion CFA as Damages

Bishop Andrew Nkea like other Bishops summoned has asked for a battalion of Church fatefuls to stage a match with them to court premises on Monday and Tuesday

By Hans Ngala, Sunday, June 5, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Buea – Anglophone Bishops of the Catholic Church in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, the Executive President (EP) of the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) and the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) are expected to again appear in court today and tomorrow, June 5 and 6.

The Bishops of the NW will be appearing at the Bamenda Court of First Instance alongside the EP of the CBC on Monday June 5, while Bishops of the SW will appear at the court in Buea, Tuesday June 6.

The clergymen are accused by a little known Consortium of Parents with Children in Mission Schools of issuing a communique to “jeopardize national unity, not asking parents to send their children to school, or to cause the deposit of school fees paid into an escrow account despite notice serve on March 3rd, 2017, refusal to either teach, feed or accommodate their children or refund school fees collected for the purpose.”  The charges also include “failure to pay the salaries of teachers with the consequences that the State is deprived of necessary tax deductions, attempts to justify grievances and apprehension carried out against the security of the State”.

The summons which was served the church leaders in March of this year, expects the Archbishop of Bamenda, Cornelius Fontem Esua, along with the president of the Provincial Episcopal Conference, George Nkuo, Bishop of Kumbo and the Rev. Dr. Ncham Godwill EP of the CBC to report at the Bamenda Court of First Instance Monday June 5, while the Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel of the PCC (whose own suit according to “The Guardian Post” has been dropped was to appear alongside Catholic Bishops at the Buea Court Tuesday June 6.

The case was initially scheduled for April 21st but was postponed on grounds that the “presiding magistrate’s mother passed on.” However, some are of the opinion that the decision to postpone the case came after messages were circulated urging Christians of all the concerned denominations to come out and en masse behind their leaders, leading the authorities whom some again believe to be behind the so-called Consortium of Parents, to pull back and re-strategize.

Today and tomorrow’s hearings come amid unsuccessful calls for schools to “effectively resume” and at a time when a controversial GCE examination is being written with students not having been taught. In a joint communique signed by the Reverend gentlemen, they pointed that the “non-resumption of schools in Cameroon is as a result of an unsolved political problem,” a candid observation which clearly did not go down well with the Consortium of Parents acting through one Colonel Tamabang, Lt.Col. Terence Sama and Lt. Loh Yai. Meanwhile, it is also being reported that the Consortium of the aggrieved parents wants to drop the accusations against the bishops as well. Worth mentioning is the fact that in spite of the charges being dropped against the Moderator, he maintains that it must come to pass.

If found guilty, the leaders will be expected to pay the sum of FCFA 150 Billion to the complainants who say will be money for special and general damages.

Meanwhile, worth noting is the fact that Rev.Dr. Ncham of the CBC, who was previously just a Reverend, recently returned from the US where he defended a Doctorate in Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky.


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