Fame Ndongo Lures Kid to Return to School with FCFA 5.000

Higher Education Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo

By Chi Jefferson, Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Yaounde – Higher Education Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo has made news again, this time by luring a young boy with FCFA 5.000 to go back to school according to a report in The Post newspaper.

Fame Ndongo, who is known to live in denial of an Anglophone problem, is said to have alighted from his car when his convoy was driving through Kumba on June 2. He was in Kumba to officiate at the laying of foundation stone for the construction of HTTC Kumba.

Ndongo is reported to have removed a 5.000 Frs CFA note from his pocket and handed it to the unnamed boy of school-going age, persuading the boy to go back to school.

The said boy seen wearing a T-shirt with inscriptions of the Cameroon College of Arts and Science (CCAS), Kumba. Fame Ndongo must have mistaken the boy for a student of CCAS when his convoy pulled over to hand the money to the boy.  Onlookers and passersby looked on in utter amazement, as the Higher Education Boss minced no words in calling for a massive return to school to anyone who cared to listen. The minister urged everyone in the area to return to school.

As the minister’s actions were yet to be fully comprehended by the onlookers, questions arose as to whether the boy was actually a student or simply a lucky hawker. Some argued that the boy had crisscrossed the same stretch

of  Mahole Street, Three Corners earlier with boiled eggs in a bucket but must have sold all on his return when fate brought him in touch with the minister.

These desperate, albeit, cosmetic and unsustainable actions being employed by the Minister are telling of the level of the foolhardiness by the nearly 35-year long Biya government, that want to ensure that schools “must resume at all cost” as Secondary Education Minister, Masena Bibehe declared weeks back in Bamenda.


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