Bishop Balla’s Death Was Homicide – Medical Report

The late Bishop of Bafia, Msgr. Jean Benoit Bala

By Ndikum Gerald, Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Yaoundé – An autopsy has been conducted pointing to murder and not suicide in the death of erstwhile Bishop of Bafia, Msgr. Jean Benoit Balla. Since the body of the Bishop was found floating in the River Sanaga a few days back, speculations were rife about the circumstances leading to his murder, but medics have concluded a postmortem which shows the prelate was murdered.

An autopsy conducted on the Bishop’s lifeless body showed clear signs of violent death, and no evidence of death by drowning,” quoting the medics’ report. An unverified message that went viral on social media suggested that Balla was “tortured, one of his hands mutilated and his genitals removed. It added that his body appeared electrocuted”.

The Cameroon Journal could not immediately verify the reports which also hold that the clergyman was murdered for trying to expose government’s involvement in the murder of another priest just weeks before Balla’s own death. It is unclear why the priest was killed but some accounts hold that he was critical of homosexual practices by top government officials.

Some have since questioned why there was no water in the Bishop’s lungs or innards if he actually drowned.  Also, others are questioning how a body that was purportedly in water for over 2 days would be found floating instead of being at the river bed.

Meanwhile, it has also been alleged that villagers around the locality where the bishop’s body was found, heard the sound of a helicopter between 2 and 4 a.m. that day and a crash (plausibly the bishops body) being dropped from the aircraft. This has led those who hold this theory to conclude that the crash would explain the broken limbs which the prelate had.

Since his passing, the Bishop of Bafang, Msgr.Abraham Kome has been appointed by the Vatican as interim bishop until a permanent replacement is found for the deceased Balla.  The Catholic Church in Cameroon and the general Christian community are still in shock following the prelate’s unfashionable passing and have been pouring in their tributes to the fallen man of God.


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