EDITORIAL: On Whose Side is Barrister Sama Francis?

Barrister Sama Francis Asanga
Barrister Sama Francis Asanga, he wants Lawyers to abandon the strike and get back to court.

Monday. June 19, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Washington D.C – At a recent outing to the Appeals Court in Bamenda, senior advocate, Barrister Sama Francis accosted the media, breaking what he described as his silence over the ‘justice component’ of the current Anglophone struggle.

Sama, in high confidence of his own assessment of the Southern Cameroons crisis, appealed to fellow lawyers who reason like him to join him get back to court, ferociously pushing the lame argument that the Gov’t of LRC has demonstrated such good fate in beginning to fulfil the promises it made to Southern Cameroonians at the outbreak of the crisis.

“Once more,” Barrister Sama said. “I speak in relation only to the justice component. The most recent determination of the commitment to commence the implementation is the recent massive promotions, transfers and redeployment of Magistrates.

Every objective onlooker” he continued, “will discern therefore, that, there has been a massive redeployment of Common Law Magistrates, most of them to the Common Law jurisdiction. And a commencement of a massive redeployment of civil law magistrates to Civil Law jurisdictions.” Barrister Sama said.

Still in the narration, Sama refers to the relationship between the Southern Cameroons and LRC as that of husband and wife. For Barrister Sama, LRC is the husband, and the SC is the wife. And he says, we ought to learn how to stay with our husband. We must continue to negotiate and stay with our husband, so that we can continue to multiply or make more children for Cameroon, (paraphrasing him).

In the classic style of CPDM facilitators and conspirators that many Anglophone so-called elites in both the NW/SW have since become, Sama’s apparent body language, salivating and kind of reaching orgasm in slobbering tones of finality, lavishes praises at the Minister of Justice, a guy with a pedigree for insisting that nothing exist as an Anglophone problem in Cameroon. Sama, begging and adoring the Minister of Justice? Isn’t it like suggesting that the fate of over 8 million SC depends on what the lord minister of justice desires?

Sama comes across in the video clip as a desperate beggar, infatuated with the me, me, me mentality. Just listen to him:

“I am therefore taking personal responsibility of what I’m saying and I remain open, and I congratulate the Minister of Justice for the massive groundwork which he did in this redeployment transfers and promotions and which I can say confirmed by the Higher Judicial Council’s decision and the various Presidential degrees which we all listened to.

I think it is a massive demonstration of commencement of good will – and I hope you take my words the way I put them, that the promises made shall be fulfilled. I am therefore not going to dance the Bafia dance.”  

Does Sama really think this struggle for the freedom of 8 million people is all about him? That is, what he thinks and feels? He should be told that no one believes him, he should be told that we know who he represents and what he’s trying to sell to all of us.

Listening to Barrister Sama, you begin to wonder whether he is for Anglophone liberation or an agent of LRC. He comes across more as for the latter.

After listening to the video clip, yours truly picked up the phone and called Barrister Sama to ask if he really meant what he said – that lawyers should go back to court. Of course, he won’t man up enough to defend his own statement. Rather, he chose to hip insults at journalists, accusing them of twisting his words and blowing them big to sell their newspapers. In his usual self-righteous indignation, he told The Cameroon Journal Chris Fobeneh:

“Notwithstanding all the abuses, you can hear that I have come to release some children again. I have been working pro-bono for the people in Yaounde, for the Bishops, for all the young stars picked up here. I have just released some at the Police, and yet, I am abused and threatened for God’s sake?  People who don’t read what I said, they don’t listen to what I said, they read the headline of a paper that wants to sell and abuse the hell out of me. If that is what you guys or you journalists are doing then God bless you all.” And he hung up the phone.

At the Cameroon Journal, we believe of course that Sama has a fundamental right to an opinion. However, we note quickly that such opinion as he touches on here has very little to do with his person, it has so much to do with a struggle, a people, a community, the entire Southern Cameroons nation. We are asking Barrister Sama to tell us, if he so think and is convicted that the promises the gov’t promised our lawyers are being fulfilled, why didn’t he exercise some courtesy and decency by calling for a Common Law association meeting to discuss a way forward with them before going public and clandestinely asking some other lawyers to join him get back to court?  Or why didn’t he at least consult with leaders of the consortium who called for the strike action in the first place? Who did Sama really consult before trying to call lawyers back to court?

Isn’t it shameful that Sama lavish praises at the justice minister and thank him for his appointment as member of the BOD of ENAM, however, he doesn’t have the courage to remind the minister and the regime to release our leaders – Agbor Balla, Dr. Fontem, Ayah Paul, Mancho BBC, Numvi Walters  and about 70 others languishing behind bars in LRC.

Barrister Sama certainly has never believed in a federation that the lawyers advocated for, talk less of an independent Southern Cameroons. If he did, he would be reminding the regime and the minister of Justice, that Anglophone lawyers have since moved past the question of civil and common law that all that Anglophone lawyers want now is a state they can call theirs- where they can practice law without being tele-guided from a foreign country in LRC.

Generations upon generations of SC have lived to be marginalized, enslaved, humiliated, thanks to people like Barrister Sama. They cross over to their LRC masters, make one or two, or three allegations against us, and then eat the crumps from the table  and then cross back over the Mungo to tell us how we should be patient for the crumps to fall for all of us? Are we not tired of the crumps?  Isn’t 56 years enough patience?

Think about it, our parents’ parents fought this injustice and they are now gone. Our own generation is in it today, and we are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel and here comes Sama telling us to be patient? To compromise? Does Barrister Sama really think that SC do not understand that we know fully who he is, and who he is fronting for? Does he really think we are that gullible?

Southern Cameroonians must henceforth consider Barrister Sama and his words as those of a traitor. In fact, most Southern Cameroon Lawyers will tell you that Barrister Sama has never really been part of the struggle even though he brags about how many people he has released from jail.

We should also not forget that Barrister Sama also has marriage links with LRC, it is alleged that his wife is from Zoetele, South Region. Additionally, he is an in-law to the CPDM first vice president of the National Assembly. His daughter is married to the son of that man. So therefore he is beholden to the CPDM Beti Mafia, to Anglophones.

We should not also forget that when Anglophone lawyers protested the appointment of Notaries in the two regions, Barrister Sama was amongst the few lawyers who secretly applied to be appointed Notaire Publique in Bamenda.

It has also been brought to our attention that Barrister Sama is lobbying to be appointed minister in LRC. His fellow lawyers have since been accusing him of receiving bribe from LRC to subvert the lawyers’ strike and the Ambazonia restoration.

Worth noting here is also the fact that Sama’s self-serving outing to the media was also meant to benefit the SDF where Chairman Fru Ndi, his cousin, made him a founding member. The SDF hasn’t actually supported the cause and tacitly wants the struggle to fail so it can hold its convention in September and participate in elections next year.

They find themselves confronted with a revolution which will bulldoze​any obstacle on its way.

In this struggle, people have died, some tortured and some left handicapped, some in jails, and some hiding in foreign lands. People like Barrister Sama Francis must never be allowed to speak on the behalf of Southern Cameroonians and must never be trusted as honest brokers. If we do, we will never get to Buea, not even in a hundred generations.


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  1. Barrister Sama Francis has got his own financial reward from Paul Biya, or a promise to get into government, that he will sell his soul and the Southern Cameroons people just for material gains. The good thing is that the your lawyers do not trust him and will not listen to his false promises. That is why they turned against him while he was head of the bar association. They will do so now again.

    Again, shame on to Barrister Sama Francis.

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