EXCLUSIVE: I Have Watched SCBC TV, And It Is Provocation – Issa Tchiroma

Issa Tchiroma the Minister of Communication
Issa Tchiroma, Minister of Communication

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Yaoundé – Chris Fobeneh, Publisher of The Cameroon Journal had a kind of an impromptu conversation with Communication Minister, Issa Tchiroma yesterday by phone, focused on the current political crisis in Cameroon – the Southern Cameroons crisis. Among other questions, we were interested in finding out whether the Minister has watched SCBC TV programing and what the Cameroun gov’t thinks about it. Tchiroma first busted out laughing incessantly before stating that watching the channel is watching provocation. We also asked him whether gov’t is now ready to talk federation after they had previously insisted that it wasn’t going to be on the table. He won’t say a categorical yes or a no. What is clear is, he said, the gov’t is negotiating with Anglophones to resolve the crisis. The audio bellow is a must listen to.


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  1. Why did this stupid man ask him such a stupid question.to cameroun minister.show him the UN southern cameroons independence declaration of 1961. That means southern cameroons islike gabon or chad and ask the minister how soon id his country going to vacate from southern cameroons territory. ?

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