Cameroonian Doctor Reacts to Sen. John McCain’s Brain Cancer Diagnosis

Dr. Ekokobe Fonkem

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Arizona – In our initial reporting on this story, we stated that Dr. Ekokobe Fonkem was one of the Physicians who treated Sen. John McCain. We have since found out that our initial reporting wasn’t accurate and have now revised the report to reflect exactly what the true story is. Continue reading:

A Cameroonian doctor who spoke to the media about the diagnosis that discovered brain cancer in US Senator John McCain, has said the Senator was able to come out of the surgery in high spirits thanks to the fact that most of the tumor was taken out.

Senator McCain had last Wednesday made it public that he was diagnosed with brain cancer and was appreciative of all the support he had received.

McCain had a routine medical checkup on Friday, July 14 to remove a blood clot and during the procedure, the doctor found a brain tumor.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix said that McCain had a glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.

However, the Cameroonian born Dr. Ekokobe Fonkem, from Lebialem division in the Southwest Region, an expert neuro-oncologist consulted by the media, said there is some good news for the Senator. “Most of the tumor was taken out, not all; so that is good for him and secondly, he was able to come out of surgery with a very good performance…talking to his friends, making jokes. And he’s in great spirit,” said Dr. Ekokobe Fonkem, a neuro-oncologist with Baylor Scott & White.

The doctor said the next step for McCain will most likely be radiation treatments and chemotherapy.


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