OPINION: What Does Dr. Munzu Know That The Rest of Us Do Not Know?


What does Dr. Munzu know that all of us do not know? What makes him think dialogue is going to end Anglophone crisis after 56 years?

By John Talieh, Monday, July 24, 2017

Dr. Munzu states, “This failed union can work. “If after 56 years it has not worked, what is it that has changed that will make it work?

Dr. Munzu is for National Dialogue to determine how to make the so called union work. The Leaders of the Consortium walked into what they believed rightly so at the time last year and had a National Dialogue and it turned out to be a trap and free ride to Kondengui where they are languishing.

Dr. Munzu posited that Tassang and LRC are afraid of dialogue. Dr. Munzu fails to understand that LRC does not dialogue, no one with a French mentality believes in dialogue, they however, believe in brute force, torture, rape and intimidation with documented reports and videos to prove the point.

Dr. Munzu advocates for a Forum of discussion in which the people freely say what they want.

Well Doc., I don’t know which people you are alluding to in Southern Cameroon given that Lawyers staged a peaceful protest and we’re brutally beaten, the students tried in Buea peacefully and were either raped, arrested or tortured and some lost their lives. Others remain in military dungeons all over LRC and others unaccounted for.

He says that the ADF which he Dr. Munzu is part of is advocating that a National Dialogue on the “Anglophone” problem or Crisis should be held without prescribing the outcome of the Dialogue and asked further, “What is wrong with that?”

Dr. Munzu, so much is wrong with everything you said here. My interpretation is that you seem to be saying that those you call Compatriots imprisoned in LRC Jails: Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla, Neba Fontem and others who accompanied them to the negotiating table in Bamenda last year caused their own demise by daring to put their demands on the table. If you so pointedly fault them for daring to speak, how can you honestly call them Compatriots? Given that all citizens of Southern Cameroon have made it clear that any dialogue with LRC has to be in the presence of their leaders in jail, what is your suggested solution to this dilemma?

Dr. Munzu says, “Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla and Neba Fontem firmly support the National Dialogue Initiative.” We all know they did when they went to their famous Bamenda Dialogue last year which earned them a one way ticket to

Kondengui. Given that they can no longer speak freely, is Dr. Munzu’s assessment or conclusion based on their position going into the meeting last year or as a result of any recent meeting he had with them in their jail cells while in Cameroon? My concern is that the learned Dr. Munzu seems to have very definitive knowledge of the mind set of those in jail even though they themselves cannot speak publicly, cannot express independent and free opinions.

In Dr. Munzu’s own words, “Other separatists have concocted over the years to deceive our people that the Restoration of our Independence under the auspices of the United Nations is possible. No it is not. The Restoration of the Southern Cameroon Independence if it is to be restored, will only be restored by war.”

This very heavy language is meant to intimidate the Southern Cameroon population. Dr. Munzu appears to speak with a lot of confidence as someone who knows so much about background maneuvers inside the United Nations. Dr. Munzu needs to understand that LRC has already declared war against Southern Cameroon/Ambazonia. The fact that Ambazonian citizens are not running around with guns does not mean that there is no war going on. The war started when their leaders showed up empty handed for Dialogue, and were arrested and ferried off illegally to the dungeons of LRC. Any people who are under daily military surveillance are at war, the streets of Ambazonia are patrolled by heavily armed soldiers, if that is not war, what else will Dr. Munzu call it? Dr. Munzu even suggests that Tassang should present to the people the possibility of war and hear what they say. Well Sir, they are at war, they have seen their leaders arrested and locked up with no charges, they have witnessed their children shot in broad daylight to death, raped with many who disappeared without any traces. The people have had it Dr. Munzu for 56 years and have made it clear that it is over with LRC.

  1. MUNZU said, “I flew out of Douala to Atlanta.” It is interesting that Dr. Munzu whose ADF’s position is Federation with LRC traveled to LRC and Ambazonia freely without an arrest. The Leaders of the Consortium: Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla, Neba Fontem, Mancho, Justice Aya Paul all called for return to Federation last year and are all in jail. Something is seriously fishy here Dr. Munzu.

A young man was arrested recently in Kumba for publicly showing excited emotions upon hearing the election of new executive of the Southern Cameroon struggle. This has become the daily live for all Southern Cameroonians. They are at war Dr. Munzu and trying to frighten and intimidate them with a potential war which is what they are facing now is

a little too late. Do not hide like a monkey which cut a leave, held it on its face thinking that because it was not able to see the hunter, it meant its whole body was invisible to the hunter. Of course, it only gave the hunter more time to take a better aim. Go figure what the result was.

Dr. Munzu said he flew out of Douala Airport to Atlanta to meet with his good friend Dr. Carlson Anyangwe, Barrister Bobga and Larry Eyongachaw. The question Sir is: can any of these gentlemen you planned to meet travel to LRC and Ambazonia freely as you did without risking arrest and imprisonment? Barrister Bobga barely made it out of LRC alive for initially voicing the very same concerns all Southern Cameroonians have been voicing for 56 years.

What is with Dr. Munzu, The power brokers at the United Nations and LRC? All my concerns are raised out of your statements as presented in your response to Tassang’s write-up.


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