OPINION: The Painful Chapter of People Who Teach Students to Later Lord it Over Them

Dr. Simon Munzu – was once arrested in Kumba by his former student while on a tour to brief the people on their trip to the UN

By John Dinga, Tuesday, July 26, 2017

The write-up by John Talieh of Monday July 24, 2017 “What does Dr. Munzu know that all of us do not know?” is very soul-searching and it is commendable that you published it and in a very timely manner too. Let me share these private reflections of mine.

In the kaleidoscope characteristic of the Cameroon Anglophone problem, none has proved as thorny as the arrest and detention of leaders of the “Consortium”. Here was a group of leaders gathered around the table to dialogue with various envoys of the government as a means of solving problems raised in education, law administration and others. In the middle of the dialogue and without warning these same leaders are arrested and carted off  to the maximum security prison in Kondengui in Yaounde, brought to court for charges that never were, taken back to prison, and brought to court again and again over many months, all in an undisguised attempt to come up with charges against them.

The perfidy has provided occasion for many to radicalize their stance and call for a total separation or secession (to use the most popular, if objectionable expression) for the frenemies to go their separate ways in what was formerly West Cameroon and East Cameroon. Others, like the respectable Dr. Simon Munzu, suggested dialogue and was greeted with a litany of responses from missiles of insults and aspersions to welcome.

It was sad to see Dr. Munzu receive less than respect from those who did not quite know him. For indeed, here was an intellectual who had played a major role in the 1993 AAC ( All Anglophone Conference) in Buea, followed by the one in Bamenda and then gone right up to the United Nations in New York, all in an effort to project the tribulations of a

people and seek a solution. Back home and on a trip to Kumba to brief brothers and sisters about the NY trip, Dr. Munzu was arrested and detained at the Kumba Gendarmerie Brigade by a Commandant who happened to have been one of his students somewhere along the line. That is another painful chapter of a people who teach students to later lord it over them!

Other similarly painful memories come to mind. Did a student of the late Professor Peter Agbor Tabi not boss him at the presidency of the republic well before proceeding to Mamfe to offer eulogies at his funeral?  Did Solomon Tandeng Muna not live the painful experience of administering the oath of office to in-coming president, Paul Biya  who went on to lord it over him in a  post that was constitutionally his to occupy? Did John Fru Ndi not pay homage to Paul Biya, the very person he had defeated hands down in a 1992 presidential race? Would embracing Dr. Simon Munzu’s current suggestion not give substance to the Einsteinian definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome? How many more of such aberrations should the people of Southern Cameroon endure?  Would it be far-fetched, some are beginning to speculate that  Dr. Munzu may be suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome – too frightened to seek and take advantage of freedom from the ruling self-styled my  first class citizens?


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