Justice Ayah’s Family Petitions UN, Request His Unconditional Release

Justice Ayah Paul Abine
Detained Supreme Court Advocate, Justice Ayah Paul Abine

Deng Eric, Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Yaoundé – Ayah Ayah Abine, son of erstwhile Advocate General of Cameroon’s Supreme Court, Chief Justice Ayah Paul has said the family has seized the United Nations, UN for the immediate release of their father who is currently detained by the government in connection with the Southern Cameroons crises.

In a post on his facebook page July 26, Ayah’s son who doubles as Spokesperson for the family said “The Ayah Family is informing all Cameroonians at home and abroad alongside the entire universe, that it has seized the United Nations for the immediate release of Ayah Paul Abine, who is currently being held hostage by the State of Cameroon, as well as demanding the imposition of exemplary/punitive damages on the latter as compensation to the Ayahs’”.

Justice Ayah Paul has spent 180 days in detention since he was whisked off from his Yaounde residence on the 21st of January 2017 by some three individuals from the Secretariat for State Defense. So far he has not been charged with any crime no brought to court. He was later sent on retirement on June 7, following a meeting of the National Higher Judicial Council that held at the Unity Palace chaired by President Paul Biya.

On June 28, Ayah suggested from behind bars that President Biya did not simply send him on retirement because he was due retirement. “Well done! My judicial tsunami did sweep away 16 high-ranking members of the judiciary of retirement age. That ipso facto created room for the junior members of the profession to climb to or toward the apex,” Ayah Paul posted on his facebook page. He went ahead to add that; “At 66 turning 67 in the coming hours, Ayah wishes to

congratulate the following more elderly colleagues of his who, despite their more advanced ages, did miraculously ward off the tsunami:- Joseph Essomba aged 80, Jean Foumane Akame, aged 78, Daniel Mekobe Sone, aged 72, Arrey Florence Rita, aged 70. Their survival was more than just a feta!” Ayah wrote.

Ayah’s family is accusing the state of kidnaping, unlawful detention, hostage keeping, attempted murder, state terrorism, defamation and threats among others. “After seeking justice from our courts which was brutally being denied us, we have gone international hoping that, we could get the much needed justice we so deserve, following the lawlessness and historic abuse of our dad’s human, civil and other rights this far”. He says it’s a shame that courts in Cameroon said to be independent can approve of kidnap, illegal detention and hostage keeping of a Supreme Court judge, their most senior colleague, without charge for close to 200 days, thereby denying him and family of justice.

“We cannot fold our arms and watch our dad die in detention especially as his health is increasingly failing by the day” says Ayah Abine. The chief justice was rushed to the emergency ward of a hospital in Yaoundé for a protracted heart problem that worsened.


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