BREAKING NEWS: Surveillance Cameras, Military Coming to Schools and Colleges in NW/SW Regions

By Echale Richard, Thursday Aug. 3, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Yaoundé – Sources from the National Security headquarters in Yaoundé have disclosed to the Cameroon Journal that the Biya’s regime plans to or may have actually started installing surveillance cameras in schools and colleges across the Northwest and Southwest regions. The move, our informant disclosed is to feign-off attacks on students, teachers and infrastructure by Southern Cameroons activists who have vowed to disrupt school resumption in the two regions. Military men will also be stationed in majority of schools across the two regions.

The surveillance cameras project, we gathered, will only be installed in schools in the urban areas. Schools in rural areas will see mostly the insertion of the Police, Gendarmes and army in their compounds.

“They want to hold anybody who attacks schools accountable.” Our informant said. She added that the wisdom in the project is to give both “teachers and students the security and confidence they need to be willing to get back to school for the 2017/2018 academic year.

The regime has figured out that if schools are made to effectively take off in the city and urban areas across the Northwest and Southwest regions, “those in the rural areas will but naturally follow – especially coupled with the heavy military presence,” our source said.

She didn’t, however, disclose when installation of the surveillance cameras starts. But she said some schools – mostly

mission and gov’t schools in the cities of Kumba, Buea, Limbe, and Bamenda may already be having them. “The plan is to have them in vulnerable colleges before the school year opens,” she disclosed.

The Cameroon Journal could not independently confirm the existence of such surveillance cameras in any school in the two regions. But we were able to confirm that the recent importation of extra troops into the Northwest and Southwest is to have them assigned in the schools just before the doors for the new school year are opened.

The Cameroon Gov’t first started monitoring Anglophones citizens when it recently embarked on massive installation of surveillance cameras in the streets of Bamenda, Buea and other major cities like Kumba and Limbe to use in catching those it considers as enemies of national unity. It is a large attempt by gov’t to intimidate Anglophones from carrying out demonstrations to protest 56yrs. marginalization of the two regions.

For ten months and counting, Southern Cameroonians have paralyzed life in the two regions with “Ghost towns,” protesting

against what they have described as the conquest and systematic obliteration of their heritage by the Yaoundé regime. While a slim segment of the populace in the two regions have said they want the country to revert to the federal status as existed in 1961, a majority is insisting that they want total separation from the Yaoundé regime. The majority has been pushed to this hardline position, thanks to the intransigence of the regime to demonstrate good fate in various dialogue fora held so far.

In October 2016, Anglophone Lawyers protesting the invasion of Common Law courts by French speaking attorneys and the use of French language instead of English in the courts, since literally shutdown the courts by refusing to show up. Teachers in the two regions followed suit and downed tools just when the last academic year was about starting. All attempts by gov’t to run an effective academic year failed. Some schools were burnt to ashes, Students and teachers came under severe attack and above all, end of year exams never really took place meritoriously.

It comes therefore as no surprise that the regime will be installing surveillance cameras and inserting soldiers in schools and colleges at the beginning of this school year. They don’t want a repeat of the disruption of the last academic year.

It remains to be seen how effective the cameras are going to be in intimidating activists who want school shutdown at all cost. The Consortium yesterday August 2, issued a statement warning people to procure enough food stuff and store in their homes, threatening that a major offensive against school resumption is about to be launched beginning August 15.


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