EXCLUSIVE: Amb. Fossung Sends Tough Message – “Don’t Be Fooled into Any Dialogue, We have Gained Grounds”

Rtd. Ambassador Henry Fossung.
Rtd. Ambassador Henry Fossung. He says Munzu was long compromised by the Biya’s regime.

Thursday, Aug. 10, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Washington D.C – You may not have heard much from RTD. Ambassador Fossung since the escalation of this phase of the struggle for Southern Cameroons restoration. That notwithstanding, he remains the consistent conservative, statesman, and patriot that he’s always been when it comes to the Southern Cameroons struggle.

In the framework of recent pronouncements by Dr. Simon Munzu that it did tantamount to stupidity for the UN to give back Southern Cameroons’ statehood, the Cameroon Journal sought to speak extensively with Fossung to sample his opinion on the subject. He was one of those who led the first Southern Cameroons delegation to the UN in 1995 before later becoming the leader of the SCNC. Fossung doesn’t only dismiss Munzu’s assertions, he hypothetically suggests that Munzu was long compromised by the Biya’s regime at the time he was seeking for a UN job.

Rejoining to Munzu’s proposition for national dialogue, Fossung warns pretty passionately that Southern Cameroons leaders stay away from any form of dialogue, cautioning that if they don’t, the many gains already attained may just be sacrificed. He doesn’t believe in any form of federation.

“We cannot have our interest and well-being protected by a country we do not have a union jack with.” Fossung said, continuing that; “They have frustrated any meaningful Constitution in Cameroon because they want to treat us only as slaves, and anybody thinking about dialogue with La Republique is wasting his time. That’s why I said that a slave master cannot allow the slave go free unless something happens,” said Fossung.

In the interview, Fossung delves into history, albeit regretting how Equatorial Guinea wanted to become part of a united Cameroon but withdrew after they witnessed the way Anglophones were being treated by LRC.

“Malabo, next to us were to join us. They were to go to a referendum to join us at the time we were to join LRC. Their President came visiting us to explore possibilities of joining. But they saw the way the Southern Cameroons was being treated and they went back and said never, – that they were not joining Cameroon.” Fossung said.

In a rather emotional moment, Fossung asks rhetorically, “what is the need sending children to school when they can’t come out to be useful in the society?” He is strongly in support of the school shut down campaign and is appealing to all Southern Cameroonians to unite and keep the schools shut down until the complete restoration of the Southern Cameroons.

It is a must listen to interview and one that posterity would live to hear. He spoke to CHRIS ANU, LISTEN.

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