“Since When Did the Minister Become the Publisher of GCE Results, Where is Monono?”

Humphrey Monono, Registra of the Cameroon GCE Board.

By Pang Joseph, Monday, August 14, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Kumba – Results of the highly controversial General Certificate of Education (GCE), June 2017 session have finally been released. But unlike previous sessions, there have been no excitement or scenes of jubilations, and most Anglophones have said that the GCE is only good for the writing of Cameroon Government’s “Concours.”

The results which revealed a downward trend in performance, from 66.52% in 2016, to 35.52% in 2017, for the first time were released by the Minister of Secondary Education. In the past, it has always been the reserve of the Registrar of the GCE board. The Registrar normally organise and publish the results.

The Minister’s action has raised an alarm and some very dissatisfied teachers are questioning; “since when did the Minister become the publisher of GCE results, where is Monono?”

Moreover, the famous Radio Buea that has over the years had a privileged position in the proclamation of results was relegated to the background. After seeing the results, a teacher who took part in the marking wondered whether those results were not falsified to satisfy the government. “The scripts were horrible. Sometimes out of 100 points, a student would score just 5 points. I have never seen this kind of GCE in my life, the marker confessed.

Others claimed it is a political “victory” for the Minister and his government. It is “a GCE for Cameroon concours only.” They said.

Out in the streets of most towns in Anglophone Cameroon, there was dead silence when the results were released last Friday evening. Even on the morning of Saturday, nobody showed interest in the results. Bars and some public spots that had welcomed some of the successful candidates and their friends and families in the past were having just their routine customers. Young

men who had made money in the past through the selling of results in some strategic corners told us that they cannot risk investing their moneys in the results. “Who is even interested in the results, have you heard people shouting as in the past?” one of them questioned.

The streets of Kumba were as busy as usual without any one person moved at the announcement of the GCE results. Usual calls and congratulatory messages were absent and even regular newspaper consumers vowed not to spend a dime to acquire copies. One traditional consumer vehemently told the Cameroon Journal that, “even if the newspaper is reduced to 50 FRS CFA, I would not buy it.”

It is very evident that the ongoing Anglophone crisis had a significant toll on the exams. The Cameroon Journal spoke to many students who boycotted the exams and they said they have no regrets. Some left for Nigeria long ago to take the famous JAMB examination which would guarantee their admissions into Nigerian universities.

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