EXCLUSIVE: Massive Transfer of Francophone Teachers to Teach Anglophones in Francophone Regions

Cameroon’s Minister of Secondary Education, Jean Masena Ngale Bibehe
Cameroon’s Minister of Secondary Education, Jean Masena Ngale Bibehe

By Pang Joseph, August 28, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Yaoundé – Since both Anglophones and Francophones live in the two sides of the Cameroonian divide, government created bilingual colleges in the two territories to facilitate learning. Traditionally, teachers in each section of the bilingual schools are supposed to be from the respective socio-linguistic divide. However, with government’s policy of assimilation of Anglophones, the Cameroon Journal has discovered that despite the much talked about redeployment of teachers to their respective linguistic and cultural domains, majority of the Teachers teaching in strictly Anglophone sections of gov’t bilingual schools in Francophone regions are mostly Francophones.

Recently, despite the on-going strike action in the Anglophone regions partly initiated by teachers against gov’t attempt at loading Anglophone schools with Francophone teachers, the Minister of Secondary Education, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle transferred Francophone Teachers to teach Anglophones based in Francophone regions.

Even though the government claims to have redeployed Francophone teachers to Francophone schools, Cameroon Journal found out that Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe, Minister of Secondary, tricked public opinion by transferring young

Anglophone graduates from the various Teacher Training Colleges to teach mostly in Anglophone sections in schools in the North West and South West regions where the heat is. However, in the Francophone regions, Massena transferred Francophone teachers to teach in Anglophone sections of bilingual schools.

In effect, while Anglophones in the North West and South West regions would be taught mostly by people who master both the language and the curriculum and immersed in the culture, Anglophone students in the 8 Francophone regions would be taught by Francophones.

According to decision No. 170/17 of 12th April 2017, signed by the Minister of Secondary Education to post some graduates of the 50th batch of HTTC Bambili, out of the 22 Teachers posted to teach Biology in Anglophone sections of some bilingual schools in the West Region, only 2 were Anglophones. A similar situation was recorded in the Littoral region for the same subject, where out of the 20 Teachers posted there for Anglophone students, just about six were Anglophones.

For Chemistry, in the West region, 13 teachers were transferred to Anglophone sections but only 3 of them are Anglophones. In the Littoral region too only about 3 Anglophone teachers featured in the list of Chemistry Teachers. In Bilingual Letters, out of the 8 teachers sent to the Anglophone sections in the West region, the Minister did not bother to include any Anglophone in the list, while in the list of 13 for Littoral only two are Anglophones.

The Minister maintained the practice in Geography – out of 9 teachers posted to Anglophone sections of some schools in the West, only two were Anglophones, while in the Littoral region about 8 Anglophones featured in the list of about 16 Geography Teachers.

The situation is worst with Mathematics in the West region were none of the 13 Teachers posted to teach students of the Anglo-Saxon sub system are from the Anglophone regions. In the Littoral, 23 teachers were posted to teach Mathematics amongst which were about 10 Anglophones. The statusquo was maintained for all the other subjects (except English Modern Letters) with majority of Teachers being Francophones posted to teach in Anglophone sections of schools in the 8 Francophone regions.

It appears that in public, the government talks of redeployment of teachers but in reality the same yester-years practice remains fully on course.

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