BREAKING NEWS: ADC Lands Ground Troops in Southern Cameroons, Declares War on LRC

Ambazonia Defense Forces ADF, landed in the homeland last night ready to confront LRC occupation.
Ambazonia Defense Forces ADF, landed in the homeland last night ready to confront LRC occupation.

By Wilfred Moki, Sunday Sept. 10, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Washington D.C – What you see in the photograph above isn’t for show, it is for real. The Cameroon Journal can announce the successful deployment of forces of the Ambazonia Defense Council ADC, on the ground in Southern Cameroons to begin formal offensives against the occupation of La Republique du Cameroon of the territory.

The deployment was launched Saturday night, September 9. The ADC is the defense unit of the Ambazonia Governing Council AGC, of Dr. Cho Ayaba.

In a statement released late last night in video and print signed by ADC Chief, Benedict  Kuah, formally declaring the launch of ground combat and the deployment, the ADC noted that “the state of war that has been declared on the state of Ambazonia by the illegitimate and brutal colonial Government of La Republique du Cameroun is hereby engaged in self-defense and for the liberation of the Federation of Ambazonia from systematic human rights abuses and illegal annexation without a union treaty.”

“The Ground Coordinator, the Deputy Chief, and all Commanders of the Ambazonia Defense Forces, are hereby authorized and directed to employ the entire self-defense force at the disposal of the Federation of Ambazonia and its resources to carry on

self-defense against the despotism and occupation of the land of Ambazonia.” The statement reads in part.

It adds that cessation of hostilities will only be brought to an end when troops of LRC would have been driven over the Mungo and Matazim bridges in complete surrender. It calls on all Ambazonians at home and in the diaspora, to place at the disposal of the defense forces, all the necessary resources they may need to engage the enemy in combat “so that our bravest can secure our people, our future, our destiny and land,” the statements ends.

A source from the AGC speaking to the Cameroon Journal did not reveal where the defense forces will be operating from, however, he promised that something is going to happen within the next 12hrs. The photograph seen here in this story is of some of the ADF troops already on the ground in Southern Cameroons. Ambazonians in the homeland are told not to tremble as none of them will be the target of the forces. We will bring more developments as they happen.

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