Deployment of ADF Troops is For Real – “We Are in this for the Long Haul,” Official Reassures

Ambazonia Defense Forces ADF, landed in the homeland last night ready to confront LRC occupation.
Ambazonia Defense Forces ADF, landed in the homeland Saturday night ready to confront LRC occupation.

By Wilfred Moki, Monday, Sept. 11, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Buea – Yesterday, the Cameroon Journal reported on the successful deployment of Ambazonia Defense Forces ADF, on the ground in Southern Cameroons. Many appear to have taken it for a pun – it is not.

We have learned since publishing the story that the AGC of Cho Ayaba and the SCYL of Dr. Akwanga Ebenezer, are actually coordinating the effort. Besides, The Cameroon Journal has seen hard evidence of the presence of the ADF elements in the homeland – material we cannot release here.

Though the 12hrs. span that they sent out has gone by without a feeling of their presence, we are told they had a little set back and are still fine-tuning tactics.

An official statement from the Ambazonia Defense Council ADC, last night to the Journal and the Public, reads; “Some units were deployed in the territory last night, others were pulled back, and a couple of skirmishes took place in Mamfe. But we want the events we do to make news by themselves to be independently verified. We will certainly keep you on the loop about the ground game.” The ADC will like the Public to understand we are in this for the long haul.”

The Cameroon Journal will stay on the story and bring you developments as they happen.

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