16-Year Old Killed by Gendarmes Given State Burial, Ambazonia Forces Declare Kumbo Captured

Sevidzem Cyprian.
Part of the crowd at the funeral ceremony of 16-year-old Sevidzem Cyprian.

By Wenda Kongyu, Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Kumbo – Sevidzem Cyprian, the 16-year-old who was gunned down by trigger-happy soldiers in the Northwest village of Kifem was laid to rest at a church cemetery in the town of Kumbo, Wednesday September 13, amidst a rousing proclamation by youths belonging to the Ambazonia Defense Forces declaring Kumbo the first town in the Southern Cameroons to be captured by the forces. This was after a tear-jerking church service that drew thousands of mourners, friends, family and well-wishers of the deceased.

The Cameroon Journal learned from a source in Kumbo that the casket containing the body of the 16-year old was paraded around the streets of Kumbo to the palace where the anthem of the Southern Cameroons (also known as Ambazonia) was sung and flag hoisted. Our source hinted that the population (mostly youth) trooped to the Palace of Nso to make a point to the chief that Southern Cameroons has to be liberated.

Returning from the Palace, the mourning population met with truckloads of BIR soldiers in full combat gear.

The deceased at the scene where he was shot by Gendarmes.

However, the soldiers somehow laid low for the event to proceed peacefully. Another source added that the soldiers actually “fled from Squares at the sight of the population as the masses chanted songs and waved an Ambazonian flag”. The flag is said to have been hoisted at Kumbo Square as a reminder that Southern Cameroons must be free from what the activists say is the marginalization and oppression of Yaounde.

September 4, 2017, is going to forever remain a red-letter day in the minds of the residents of Bui Division and those of West Cameroon extraction as a whole. That was the day that things turned bloody when gendarmes got a tip-off of a marijuana sale worth FCFA 8 Million in the village of Kifem, not too far from Kumbo. The gendarmes are reported to have driven to the said village in search of the seller in the guise of “arresting” him for possession of the narcotic-containing plant.

They are reported to not have found the marijuana nor the FCFA 8 Million and so began rustling goats and chickens. A scuffle broke out and when Cyprian, the 16-year old tried to raise an alarm, he was shot in the head. State-owned CRTV later reported that Cyprian was “attacking” the officers with a den gun when he was killed.

The population wasn’t intimidated with the presence of armed security men as they carried the flag of the Southern Cameroons around town.

Two other people later died in the aftermath of Cyprian’s shooting as the irate population demanded for the body of the teenager from the gendarmes.

The gendarmes are alleged to have later told the family of the deceased that the remains can only be buried in a low-keyed funeral, void of any crowd. The family and the population objected.

The burial of Cyprian today in Kumbo was another reminder of how unsafe the people feel under the watch of those who are supposed to be protecting them.

If anything, the dust is far from settled. About eight (8) other people are reported to be recovering from gunshot wounds after the September 4 incident. The company commander behind the shooting of the 16-year old is said to have taken a curse upon himself when he held the rope of a “Nkoh” at Shisong, a locality in Kumbo. Some of the men in his squad are reported dead already and fears are that with the traditional rites that were performed at Cyprian’s grave today, even more will die again.

Cyprian had royal roots and came from the “Yuwar” big compound of Kumbo which is why he was laid to rest in Kumbo and not Kifem.


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