Bernard Foju and Elite in Yaoundé do Not Represent Lebialem People

By John A. Talieh, Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017

On Sunday October 3rd, Dr. Ben Foju, CPDM MP for Lebialem, led a 29-person delegation to send a motion of

support for the Yaoundé Regime. He also led a Lebialem closed door meeting that appointed a two-man team of Yaoundé based sons of Lebialem to Menji charged with the mission of assisting the newly appointed SDO of Lebialem to identify and arrest youths they deemed standing in the way of school resumption.

As a result of his actions in collaboration with so called Yaoundé Lebialem elite, two youths were illegally arrested in Njentse, several miles up the hills from Menji by the SDO accompanied by Gendarmes.

It should be noted that when news broke of the arrests, some of us from Lebialem based both in the diaspora and in Southern Cameroons worked non-stop and the youths were released.

John A. Talieh
John A. Talieh

As I sat home on September 11th watching other sad events, it was brought to my attention that the letter of motion of support was in circulation. It has been more than ten years since Bernard Foju became a Member of Parliament for Lebialem with nothing to show for.

Though not surprising, it was shocking that Foju and Co. will be sending a motion of support to a regime whose soldiers are killing innocent children some as young as 14 years old. This is a total lack of respect and total disregard for the sanctity of human life. It is clear that all those who signed onto this document proved to the world how heartless and despicable they are by doing this at a time when the brains of young people are being splattered all over Southern Cameroons for protesting peacefully.

Bernard Foju and those standing with him have a good reason to send motions of support to the Yaoundé regime:

Dr. Bernard Foju,CPDM MP for Lebialem.

They value their material wealth more than human life and will stop at nothing to sacrifice every Lebialem person to get what they want. At a time when those with age, knowledge and wisdom are supposed to be leading and guiding the youth entrusted in their care, the so called Lebialem elite entrenched in the CPDM in Yaoundé have decided to abandon their people and instead cheer the forces of LRC as they rape, abduct, arrest, torture and cause the disappearance of our young people.

I want our Brothers and Sisters from other parts of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia to know that Dr. Foju and the other 29 individuals do not represent Lebialem people and that we stand with all the citizens of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia.

Our prayers go out to those who have lost their loved ones in this struggle. We will never forget you and will never forget all our brothers in LRC detention dungeons. Many who signed onto this “Motion of Support” as “Vibrant forces Of Lebialem” hold respectable academic credentials hopefully but rather than put them into productive use in

empowering their people and communities towards a better future for the younger generation, have intentionally chosen the side of GREED and in so doing have sold their consciences for crumbs from the tables of their slave Masters in LRC while the Lebialem people drown in misery, poor health conditions, practically the worst roads on earth, endemic tropical diseases with no access to medications, electricity or clean drinking water.

Up to 2016, school children in Lebialem have been attending classes in thatched roof classrooms with no walls, windows or doors while Foju and his cohort of Yaoundé elite swim in millions earmarked for micro development projects in Lebialem, ill-gotten wealth that has enabled them build mansions and send their own children to the most IVY league schools around the globe while telling parents in Lebialem to continue sending their children to schools where the teachers teach children in a foreign  language. They have no clue what they are saying under deplorable conditions with classrooms that they the so called elite cannot even use to house their pigs, chicken or dogs.

What Dr. Ben Foju and “THE VIBRANT FORCES OF LEBIALEM” brought to our people on the 3rd of September was a historical insult and Foju was just reminding Lebialem people who he is – a self-serving individual who for over ten years has reaped where he did not sow, to the misery of the masses of Lebialem people whom he pretended to know when he ran for parliament. He hopes to, using such dubious means like the motion of support, to continue to pretend to them to stay where he is and cashing in out of their misery. This motion of support for the regime that has brought them nothing but misery for 56 years and counting is a call for Lebialem people to stand up and tell this gang of thirty that they do not represent them. To Dr. Foju and the other 29 members of the Vibrant Forces of Lebialem, the Gods of Lebialem are watching, the world is watching, the people of Lebialem are watching.

John A. Talieh wrote in from North Carolina, USA

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