EDITORIAL: October 1st is Not for a Declaration, It’s for a Takeover of Our Country

Prime Minister Lodge Buea
Prime Minister Lodge Buea

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Cameroon Journal, Washington D.C –Southern Cameroonians have only a week left from today, Sunday September 24, to formally reclaim their rights, freedom, territory and above all, independence, from LRC. But we want first of all to acknowledge the he fact that it was quite exciting and reinvigorating seeing the rehearsal demonstrations that took place all over the Southern Cameroons last Friday, they serve as a reminder to LRC that we can actually take back our country without firing a shot.

We choose to refer to the Friday protests rallies as a rehearsal because what we expect on Sunday, October 1st, is going to be the mother of it all – it’s going to be the battle of Armageddon, – the battle that ends the war.

Revolutions in Tiananmen Square in China, Tunisia, Egypt and other nations, remind all of us that no potentate, no army, no matter its size and ammunition can stand the people’s power, not especially when those people are determined to turn out in their millions to take back that which rightly belongs to them.

But before we get to Buea on Sunday, one more thing needs to happen – At the Cameroon Journal, we are appealing to all Southern Cameroons Parliamentarians and Senators, of both the CPDM party and the SDF to submit their resignations from LRC Parliament. And this is very important, any parliamentarian and senator who doesn’t resign between now and Sunday October 1 and return home from Yaoundé would no longer be considered a Southern Cameroonian. You will need a passport to cross over to the Southern Cameroons after October 1. In the days ahead, we shall be reading the names of every one of our MPs and Senators who would not have resigned, reminding them of the urgency to come home. Should they fail to resign, we will then mark out all property that belongs to them in the Southern Cameroons, confiscate it and consider it as spoils of the war.

Recently, Bernard Okalia, Southwest colonial governor, referred to all of us as dogs. Well, it is time we demonstrate to him that the dogs do actually bag. Buea must produce 1million people on Sunday October 1, same with Bamenda. Buea must overthrow Okalia on Sunday. His Governor’s mansion must fall, and if possible, make a Charles Taylor out of him. Muyenge, Muyuka, Ekona, Muea, Mutengenie, Tiko, etc., you don’t need to carry out any protests in your towns, all routes shall lead to Buea on Sunday. In Victoria, people’s power must prevail, the colonial SDO must be arrested, and once he’s arrested, occupy his office till further instructions.

In Bamenda, the people must also take over the Governor’s mansion. All routes must lead to Up-station, from Bali, Chumba, Bafut, Babanki, Bambilii, Bambui, Mendangwe, Akum, Santa and of course, all of Bamenda town, including Nkwen. Bamenda must send out at least 1million people with the mission to take over the governor’s mansion, and get him arrested.

At the divisional level in both the Southwest and Northwest, all routes should lead to the DOs offices. If you find them, you arrest them, if you don’t find them, take over the offices and nobody leaves the premises once any office is taken, not until our defense forces have properly secured all the offices. That means Kumba, Victoria, Ndup, Mamfe, Kumbo, Nkambe, Batibo, Lebialem, Wum, Fundong, Kupe-Maniguba, Ndian, every division, must arrest their SDOs and DOs.

Taking our country back is a duty and a must, come October 1. As we plan for Sunday, let’s remember the message of Donald Trump which we believe speaks in the face of our struggle. “If righteous men do not confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph. When decent people in a nation become bystanders in their nation, the forces of destruction only gather power and strength.”

What is going to happen on Sunday October 1, cannot be blamed on us. For 56yrs., LRC striped us naked of all that identify us as a people. Our forefathers protested, wrote petitions, held conferences, took positions, went to the African Union, went to the commonwealth, and went to the United Nations. They begged for a federation, instead of listening to them, LRC told them to go back to Biafra.

Only eleven months ago, when our lawyers and teachers asked for reforms, they were arrested, brutalized, some sent to prison while others took on forced exile. Even in the midst of this, different factions among us have since called
for national dialogue, but the regime in Yaoundé has refused to summon one. In the place of dialogue, they turned our land into a military zone with our brothers, sisters, parents and mothers arrested and tortured, and of course, many have paid the ultimate price already.

President Paul Biya, for the entire period of this crisis, has not addressed it, not even for once. This is the reason why on Sunday October 1, we must take back our country by driving or arresting the colonial governors, all the SDOs and Dos in our territory.

Our ancestors are watching at us. Dr. E. M. L Endeley is watching, Albert Mukong too. Foncha, Muna, Jua, Mbile and others are hoping that we be courageous enough to obtained what they fought for for years.

Our remaining statesmen, Litumbe, Fossung, Ebong, Achu, Ndamgam, Nfor Nfor, and others are waiting to take the message to Endeley, Foncha, Muna, Jua, and others that we finally redeemed them.

And we must not forget that the God who has taken us this far, is still with us. The Tobiahes and Sanballats, the Egyptians and the Golliaths who have tormented and made us second class citizens, come Sunday, we will see them no more.

On Sunday, like Joshua and Caleb, 1million in Buea and 1million in Bamenda, let’s come out like in Opopo, one man, one power, chanting we are taking back our country, our Southern Cameroons.

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