People Disappearing, Youths Shot in The Legs to Stop Them Taking to Protest in Southern Cameroons

A youth shot in the legs in Mamfe.

Tuesday, October 2017

Cameroon Journal, Buea – While there appeared to be relative calm in the Northwest and Southwest Regions on Monday after the rampage of Sunday in which over 40 people were gun down by La Republique Gov’t forces, same forces continued in some parts of the regions forcing themselves into private homes and shooting, arresting, raping and in some cases killing residents with impunity.

Ndop, in Ngoketungia division, Bambili in Mezam, Mamfe in Manyu and some parts of Bali were the most affected. The Cameroon Journal gathered that in Manyu for instant, the military descended upon the home town of Ayuk Tabe Julius, Chairman of the Southern Cameroons Governing Council and began breaking into peoples’ homes indiscriminately, chasing the youth into the bushes to pass the night.

One of the youths in a desperate recorded audio message circulated on social media is heard lamenting that he doesn’t know where they have taken the mother and father to, naming their names. He said as he spoke, all the youths had taken up cover in the bush to avoid confrontation and arrest by the military.

Another boy shot in the leg in Mamfe.

In Mamfe, the military was reported to have gone door to door, arresting the young people they could find, and then shooting them in the legs to incapacitate them going out to protest. “The military in Mamfe are going from door to door and shooting men and women in the legs and feet. This is inhumanity at its height,” a witness observed.

“Look at what the military is currently doing in Southern Cameroons now – Door to door check.
Young boys are being shot on the leg to stop them from coming out when next it’s protest. Girls are raped, others abducted, and God please help us.” Another witness noted.

In Babessi in Ndop, a young man whose names we could not get at press time was shot to death right in his own house by the military. Not only where people being shot indiscriminately, in some areas in Bamenda  on Monday, the military broke into peoples’ homes, brutalized them before destroying TV Satellite dishes and receivers belonging to the victims.



Another victim in Mamfe shot in the leg.




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