How The “Cameroon Government” Tried to Kill Me and My Immediate Family

Southern Cameroons Journal, Bambili – In this letter written by Christian Ndifor from an undisclosed hide out, he narrates how Cameroun Gov’t forces descended on their family compound in Bambili, shooting indiscriminately with efforts to kill or abduct his family. EXCERPTS:

My names are Christian Ngwa Ndifor. I am a native of Bambili. On the 1st of October 2017, I left for an undisclosed location because I had received several threats to my life. As it all indicated, the threats were from government agents. Sensing the danger, I left without disclosing my location.

I have been very active in exposing the abuses of gov’t in the “English speaking regions of the Country” the Southern Cameroons which has now been renamed “Un-officially Ambazonia.”

After receiving several threats and knowing how active I am in disseminating information about the crisis through my Facebook page, I sensed an eminent danger though I could never have fathom the gravity it finally took. After I left for hiding, my Junior Sister by name Mushi Vera Ndifor, called me during the day to report that government military men have arrived at our family home and that they were shooting indiscriminately in all directions hitting our family home on the walls.

Thanks to my ancestors, my junior sister and other members of the family had already escaped for the forest and were calling to report to me the unfolding events.

Although all of us suspected as I finally discovered, we all got so shocked on the sheer level of the gravity and the level of shooting that was involved as if it was a world war happening at our family home. This random shooting went on for close to an hour.

Remnants of bullets pounced on the family house.

At around evening time, I called back to verify if the forces were still there and was told they saw no one. It was then I came to discover that, my whole family and I, have been marked for elimination.

I am writing to you so that your newspaper can report this event so the world should get to know that my life and the lives of all my family members are in danger.

Since there is internet blockade, I have not yet been able to get pictures as I have asked my junior ones to try to take photos and send to me.

It may have come to your notice that the military invaded Bambili and went through any footpath, shooting, scouting for marked individuals to either kill or abduct. It finally gotten to the entire village that, there have been individuals marked by the government for elimination.

I will appreciate if this report is made public for the world to know. Counting on your newspaper.


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