Military Brutality Sends Southern Cameroonians Fleeing to Nigeria as Refugees

Southern Cameroons Refugees in Nigeria being visited by members of the Governing Council.

By Isidore Abah, Thursday, October  26, 2017

Southern Cameroons Journal, Mamfe –  The military highhandedness and brutality with which the Biya regime has used to quell political unrest in the North West and South West Regions for over a year now, has sent hundreds of Anglophones, especially denizens of Manyu Division scampering into neighboring Nigeria as refugees.

The political safe haven role which Cameroon used to play for citizens of the volatile West and Central African countries is now over as Nigeria has received over 300 Cameroonians who have conveniently registered as refugees after entering the country through Nfum border in the South-eastern Cross River State.

According to reports from a Nigerian local channel, the Head of the Nigerian Immigration Service, Mohammed Babandede, said in a meeting with the Cross River State Government on Monday that they are ready to ensure the safety of the refugees.

“We will respect human rights, but won’t allow the migrants to spoil our security situation. We will treat them with dignity. The Cameroonian Government has done the same for us during the Boko Haram crises,” he said.

Babandede furthered that Nigeria is prepared for the possible influx of 40,000 refugees from Cameroon as estimated by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

Nigerian Cross River State shares boundary at different points with Southern Cameroon and is also expected to facilitate the entry of the Cameroonian refugees.

Many of the towns which border Nigeria felt prey to the military helicopter shooting on October 1. There was also series of military raids, arrests, brutality and shooting which caused residents of towns like Mamfe, Etuku, Tinto, Eyang, Nguti and Kembong to flee their homes into the forests, while others flew as refugees into the Cross River State, Nigeria.

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