BREAKING NEWS: Conclave Emerges With Ambazonia Interim Government – Sisikou AyukTabe as President

Sisikou Julius AyukTabe, Interim President of the Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) Interim Gov’t.

By Chris Anu, Tuesday, October 31, 2017  

Southern Cameroons Journal, Kaduna, Nigeria – The Conclave has risen with a final resolution proscribing the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia United Front SCACUF, and empowering former Chairman of SCACUF Governing Council, Julius AyukTabe to become first President of the Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) Interim Government.

Proceedings which began last Saturday in earnest rather in a contentious manner at the campus of the famous Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria rounded up late Tuesday night October 31, after a review and endorsement of a 29-point resolution that is yet to be signed by the new President.

The conclave empowered President AyukTabe to form an Interim Gov’t comprising of a Vice President, Restoration Parliament, (Council), and an Ethics Commission. The Gov’t, fashioned after a presidential system like in the USA system, shall consist of seven Departments whose heads shall be called Secretaries. The departments shall include Foreign Affairs, Defense, Finance and Economy, Home Affairs, Communications, Education and Social Services.

In the 29-point resolution ending the conclave, members among other things warn the Republic of Cameroun to withdraw its troops from the Southern Cameroons so that refugees can safely return to their homes. They emphasized that unless the troops are completely withdrawn and the security of school kids ensured by such a withdrawal, there will be no

school resumption. It further states that Ghost Towns must continue every Monday and whenever circumstances dictate. The resolutions also call for the immediate and unconditional release of Mancho Bibixy and all other held prisoners in prisons and detention centers across Cameroon

The resolutions equally call upon Southern Cameroonians to step up resistance against any orders from the colonial LRC administration such as resisting any form of taxation and levies. It appeals to traditional authorities in all of Southern Cameroons to henceforth act in the place of a constituted government in rendering and supervising local administration, away from LRC colonial administrators.

Among other things, the conclave terminated SCAPAC’s relationship with the new government suggesting that accusations of financial impropriety involving the former Secretary General and SCAPAC were unfounded, following their own investigations. Milan Atam’s alleged resignation was revoked, making him a potential member of the yet to be announced new gov’t. The Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation SCBC TV, hitherto sponsored partly through SCAPAC, will henceforth operate independently from the new government.

The Conclave and the Interim Gov’t come exactly a month in the wake of the declaration of the restoration of the independence of the former British Southern Cameroons on October 1st this year.

We will bring you full details of the who and hows of the conclave beginning Thursday in a series of editorials. Stay tune.


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