5 Signs Your Relationship Will Last Long

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We all feel inspired at the beginning of a new relationship. But to be honest, each of us, meeting someone special, asks oneself “Will my relationship last long this time?” So, is it possible to know if the final is not very far? Psychologists prepared for you a kind of plan, according to which you can accurately predict whether you will have a long happy relationship or a violent dramatic break up will come soon.

Here are the questions that will help identify potentially long-term relationships from vava dating:

  1. Don’t you lose yourself and your personality in this relationship?

Don’t pretend someone else, no one will appreciate it. Remember that self-sufficient people who have their own interests are always respected by others. After all, if you continue doing what you like, you will never turn into a boring person and will always surprise your loved one.

  1. Is there trust in your couple?

How to make a relationship long? You should trust each other. It is impossible to have a long-term relationship without it. If you can’t trust your partner and don’t say that something is wrong, then what kind of future can you talk about? Such a couple will not have happy future. It is just a matter of time.

  1. Are you not only lovers but also friends?

The coincidence of sexual temperaments, physical attraction – this is very important (it is not worthwhile to start a relationship without this). But there has to be one more thing on the other side of a relationship that is equally important: you have to be friends. And this means to have common interests and hobbies, spend time together with pleasure (not only in bed), be able to talk and negotiate, show empathy and sympathy, be able to emotionally support each other and do it in time. When you are in love and intoxicated with hormones, it is difficult to take off rose-colored glasses and honestly answer yourself to the question: “Do I really like something except this face, these hands, and this body?” This is a very important aspect of any relationship. If you want to understand how serious you are at this relationship, ask each other: “Could we become friends if we were not in love?” If there are more “No” than “Yes” in your answers, it’s worth seriously thinking whether you want to connect your life with this person.

  1. Do you develop together?

Remember that a couple is two people in one relationship. Until you move at “different speeds” and look in different directions, you will never be able to build a strong relationship. It is important for you to learn to feel and understand the needs of each other. This is how to tell if your relationship will last.

  1. What does your partner think about your relationship?

How to tell if your relationship will last? It is quite easy. If people want short-term (and only short-term) relationships, they often invent cunning tactical maneuvers to avoid affection. They can avoid some kind of contacts: for example, they don’t respond to your messages or avoid intimacy and romantic relationships outside the bed, or avoid personal conversations. And, of course, they will not introduce their friends and families. Such behavior often signals that people deliberately avoid the formation of affection. People can behave rudely in relation to their partners and this stops the further development of relationships.

These are signals that a relationship will not last long. Of course, there are many other factors but these five points draw a rough picture of your prospects. Well, if you want to have long and happy relationships, try to answer these simple questions! Read more at https://citizen.co.za/lifestyle/1697109/5-signs-your-relationship-will-last/


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