OPINION: Time for Skeptics to Leave the Sidelines

John A. Talieh
John A. Taleh

By John A. Taleh, November 29, 201

As I scan across the globe, I have realized something very important and disturbing which we have ignored. I have talked to many people in the diaspora who in the middle of the ongoing turmoil in our homeland, have decided to be mute. There are two categories of our brothers and sisters who fit this description namely:

1) Those with relatives/friends in LRC government.

2) Those who want to have the freedom to travel forth and back without worrying about detention.

December is this week and I know Southern Cameroonians who have coughed out thousands of dollars for tickets to travel through LRC territory for all kinds of occasions in Southern Cameroons. I have been calling for an individual tax levy of $500.00 plus and many people have paid deaf ears to, but they do not hesitate to dish out thousands for round trip tickets to travel through LRC territory.

They will welcome you and use that as propaganda that all is well. But those in jail cannot travel, those that were lucky to make it out alive cannot travel, those at the forefront of the struggle cannot travel. It is shameful that any Southern Cameroonians should continue business as usual with total disregard for what is going on.

Many including yours only have decided to put the freedom of Southern Cameroon/Ambazonia above anything else. I will not accept any more excuses by anyone or from anyone who prefers to act as not being part of the struggle when it comes to financial contributions but stand to gain from the freedom that will reign after many would have paid the price.

For those of you who have relatives working within the inner core of the Yaoundé regime and continue to tell you to stay away from the struggle, let them know that they are aiding and abetting the crime of genocide that is ongoing in Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia. When this is all over, they have only two choices: Stay in LRC permanently or step foot in Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia to face what faith awaits them. At least the laws will be within our internationally recognized Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence which none of our brothers presently in the dungeons will ever see.

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