PM, Ministers Flee Parliament as SDF MPs Stage Another Anti Biya Drama

SDF MPs surround the House Speaker as he tries to address the floor from his seat. On his extreme right is sited PM Yang.

By George Tando, November 29, 2017

Southern Cameroons Journal, Yaoundé – It was another hot day at Cameroon’s National Assembly after MPs of leading opposition party SDF stormed the rostrum of the Glass House as Prime Minister Yang was about to present a 2018 government budget.

The drama which was in its second phase today saw the PM “held hostage” through the defying actions of the SDF MPs. As the PM was about to read the government budget for 2018, the MPs stormed the rostrum, seized the microphone, and went on with anti-Biya chants, blowing whistles and turning the Hemi-Cycle into an all rowdy environment.

An earlier memo by the SDF Parliamentary Group, had vowed they will continue disrupting all sessions till the Anglophone problem is included in this session’s agenda. If not “No Session” as declared by Group Leader, Joseph Banedzem. Following the continuous rowdiness of today, the Prime Minister was left with no other option than to quit the house, followed by his ministers and later by CPDM MPs.

Meanwhile, many people in the two English speaking regions of the Northwest and Southwest Regions have hailed the actions of SDF MPs, though in some quarters these actions are taken with a pinch of salt given that a majority of English speaking people have since demanded that they walk away from parliament entirely.

In spite of popular calls for them to leave parliament entirely and return to Buea where Southern Cameroonians have vowed to form their own gov’t, the SDF party has continuously pushed rather for a federal system of gov’t that will maintain the unitary state of Cameroon as currently exist. Reasons why the party Chairman John Fru Ndi last Saturday chaired a new coalition aimed at forcing through the Federal option.

Prime Minister Philemon Yang
Prime Minister Philemon Yang is seen trying to address the Parliamentarians, but he is surrounded by the SDF MPs chanting and whistling and rendered it impossible for the PM to speak.

In a related story, the Southern Cameroons Journal has learned that during a security meeting last Tuesday in Kumba chaired by SW Governor, the eldest Senator -Chief Nfon V.E. Mukete took the floor and openly defied the Governor when he announced his stands for Federation as a solution to the Anglophone Crisis to the embarrassment of mostly gov’t attendees.

Many political analysts see the actions from SDF as a way of regaining trust and support from the grassroots which is threatening them to leave parliament.


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