Biya Finally Breaks Silence on Cameroon Crisis, Promises to Crush Secessionists and Terrorists

President Paul Biya
Cameroun President Paul Biya

By George Tando, Friday, December 1, 2017

Southern Cameroons Journal, Yaoundé – On his return from Abidjan Cote-D’Ivoire yesterday Thursday, November 30th, president Biya in a brief reaction to the recent killing of some uniformed officers in the SW region promised hell to the perpetrators  of the act.

In barely 24 hours 6 uniformed officers lost their lives to unidentified men in Manyu Division. The attack according to Biya and his cabinet is being blamed on a group believed to be operating under the Anglophone activist movement. Meanwhile, as tweeted by Communications minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary, the attack is blamed on SCACUF.

The rather tired and depressed looking Biya expressed his emotions over the killing of uniformed officers and extended his condolences to families of the fallen soldiers. He promised all measures will be put in place to eliminate such acts and bring order throughout the National Territory.  An indoor security evaluation meeting by top security units is being held this Friday to that effect.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that Biya had maintained a sealed lip after the killings and torture of unarmed civilians in the Southern Cameroons for the entire during of the ongoing crisis. Recent killing of soldiers in the NW and SW regions is no doubt the escalation of Anglophone Crisis which

began over a year ago. The International Community and CSOs have on several occasions urged government of Cameroon to initiate Frank and sincere dialogue with the protagonists which of course is still farfetched.

Today, Chris Anu, Communication Secretary of the Ambazonia Interim Gov’t released a statement in response to Biya’s statements warning that though the Gov’t isn’t responsible for the killings of the soldiers, the Ambazonian Gov’t will not restrain its citizens from carrying out self-defense if attacked by Cameroun troops.

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