OPINION: Why the People of the Southern Cameroons Should Prepare for War

By Nfor N Susungi, November 30, 2017

A major transformation has taken place in Southern Cameroons in the space of just 2 months. On September 22, all that you saw was hundreds of thousands of people pouring into the streets with tree branches and sayings “don’t shoot, no violence”. But in the space of one month we saw things that were beyond belief as Biya’s army just killed people like chickens. The month of October 2017, completely changed the character of the people of the Southern Cameroons because they now have the killer instinct. We are no longer “peace loving people”..

The life of my nephew Martin Fon Yembe was taken, just like child’s play by an assassination squad sent to do the job. That means the month of October has changed all of us into people who can kill and should be prepared at all times to kill in self-defense.

Dr. Nfor N. Susungi
Dr. Nfor N. Susungi

In short, we all can kill with our eyes open if they have a gun. We should all prepare for a major war where you kill or be killed. Biya’s army will lose because they will be fighting in the Southern Cameroons where they have no local support.Many innocent francophones in the military will die for nothing because the only way to bring it to an end is to let Southern Cameroons go.

We may have to thank President Paul Biya for rekindling the fighting spirit of the Ambazonian.

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  1. The question people around the world must ask themselves is cameroun had independence. without. southern cameroons.. and. southern. cameroons. the neigbor had independence. without cameroun. what really drove cameroun into southern cameroons territory in 1961. without a treaty signed between the two countries? this makes cameroun a criminal state an guilty. no matter. her lies. of. seperating the country. the country was already seperate from southern cameroons.

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