FEATURE: The Problem With Unity is That Those Calling For it Were Once Secretary And President

Ebeneza Akwanga, Cho Ayaba lucas
How come Akwanga (left) and Ayaba (right), never found the need for unity within the SCYL?

By Moses Akwere, Monday, December 18, 2017

Southern Cameroons Journal, Washington DC – Unity is always and has always been a very good source of strength.  In fact, we all are aware of the adage “united we stand, divided we fall.” From the very onset of the Southern Cameroons restoration crusade, the power of unity was understood by the Common Law Lawyers, the Teachers Unions, and then the Consortium.

Similarly and finally, the resolve of our people to rise as one people from October 2016 to this day is equally an indication of how important unity can work in a people’s cause. That is the power of unity.

In the wake of this united resolve from January 2017, every citizen of British Southern Cameroons expected every leader of any Southern Cameroons group to join the remnants of the Consortium that fled into exile. Also, any bona fide group or leader working genuinely for the liberation of Southern Cameroons needed to heed the call for unity and rally around the Consortium in January through April, and beyond.

Unfortunately, some of these self-appointed leaders preferred to work solo and most especially through social media. As citizens, some of us find it difficult to understand the clamor today for unity when such leaders themselves cannot work in unity. Let’s cite the examples of Cho Ayaba and Ebenezer Akwanga. Today, each of them is a self-styled President, one of AGC and the other of SCYL.

Not long ago these two gentlemen were Secretary and President respectively of the SCYL. How come they could not work in unity? How come they never found the need for unity within the SCYL? The answer is simple – vaunting ambition to lead at all cost. Hence we see them today making pompous

pronouncements in video and audio form as President of this or that. From January when sons and daughters of British Southern Cameroons started running awry looking for unity through the Consortium, SCACUF and the four conclaves culminating in the formation of the Interim Government as they mobilized our compatriots, these people preferred to present one problem after another. They saw the people’s train in motion since January 2017. Were these leaders waiting for December expecting the people’s train would stand still until they decide to mention the big concept of unity?

The train will never stop for any grouping and/leader. Anyone who doubts this assertion, should remember the place of Barrister Agbor Nkongo today as one time Consortium leader. Do these new proponents of unity wish to join the train now or for it to return to the station so that they can determine when and how it leaves?


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