PCC Kumbo Rewards Victims of Anglophone Crises – Struggle is not in vain, Congregation told

Recipients of the awards posed for the press in the Church.

By Wirngo Amos, Monday, January 1, 2018

Southern Cameroons Journal, Kumbo – Some 29 victims of the ongoing Southern Cameroons crises who were shut, looted, maimed, wounded or lost loved ones converged at PCC (Presbyterian Church in Cameroon) Kumbo on December 31, 2017 during a solemn church service that was dedicated to the Anglophone Crises.

According to the chairman of the Bui Presbytery, Denis Wirkom, the PCC as a Christian body and followers of Christ will continue to assist all who have been delivered especially during the ongoing crises plaguing the two English regions of Cameroon. He added that the token is to assist them buy drugs and pay part of their hospital bills. “Your struggle will surely be rewarded” he lamented.

“As 2017 goes to an end, some of you lost your loved ones, some were prevented from going to church, some inhaled tear gas, and others were molested. All of this gave us sadness. Some have been detained, some have fled to neighboring countries, it is the responsibility of the church to pray and support all in crises,” said the church pastor. The Rev. Man of God in an exhortation drawn from Isaiah 43:1-7 said that God has promised them that He will not abandon his children even when they pass through fire and turbulent waters. He prayed that peace, equality and justice will take its place. He discouraged marginalization, killings and detentions.

Earlier on, the preacher for the day, Tancho Samuel, said whether you are Jew or Gentile, we all need the gospel which is void of marginalization and discrimination. He likened the Jew and Gentile to Anglophones and Francophones.

It is worth noting that PCC Kumbo was attacked by the forces of soldiers and disrupted church services on October 1, 2017.

PCC Kumbo

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